Ecovacs Unibot vacuum robot with alarm function and air filter

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Of course, technical developments are always progressing, but is that always good? This vacuum robot not only cleans the floor but also the air: the Ecovacs Unibot is an alarm system, air filter and SmartHome remote control all in one. This article explains why it is not for sale yet and whether its functions really make sense.

Ecovac's Unibot vacuum robot design

The vacuum robot of the future?

At the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Ecovacs presented first impressions of its model of the future: Although the Ecovacs Unibot was already carefully announced for 2017 (and then 2018), the futuristic-looking model has practically not yet made it onto the market. There are other reasons for this in addition to the complicated and long development phase (which a vacuum robot with so many functions brings with it).

Ecovac's Unibot vacuum robot
Whether the camera is chic on the top is of course a matter of opinion.

One reason why the Ecovacs Unibot is not yet on the market is certainly the high production costs – without the manufacturer being certain that a robot with air filter and alarm system will sell at all. After all, the idea behind it is very exciting and sensible – but do you really want to buy all this for a lot of money? Doubtful.

Although the vacuum robot works according to the chaos principle, which is no longer entirely fashionable, it still travels the premises like a snake, i.e. in straight lines from wall to wall, not crosswise. However, the camera is not used for navigation, so the robot does not know which part of the household it is currently in.

Ecovacs Unibot vacuum robot air filter
Looks very strange, but for good air you can accept something like that.

Not just marketing jokes?

Although it has a SMART MOVE technology that is supposed to let it choose a particularly efficient cleaning pattern, this is probably more of a marketing move. The camera can be placed on the vacuum robot and removed again, the same applies to the gigantic air filter (which really is almost the size of a normal air filter). With the latter, the Unibot improves its recirculation air and also filters the air it emits itself. This is not as bad as with normal bag vacuum cleaners, but also exists.

Ecovac's Unibot vacuum robot camera
With the camera, the robot should even be able to detect burglars.

The live image of the camera can be reproduced with the app “Ecovacs”. The Unibot can register burglary attempts with the help of door and window sensors attached beforehand.

This probably works in such a way that the vacuum robot receives a signal when the area around the sensor is moved or the vacuum robot detects changes to doors etc. with its camera. The robot then immediately sounds the alarm and informs its owner about the activities via push notification on his smartphone. So you can also get a good idea of what’s going on at home when you’re out and about.

The functions of the future?

In addition to the security camera gliding over the floor, the robot’s built-in sensors can also be used to detect smoke developments. An alarm signal with a picture is also sent to the owner here. “What Amazons Alexa and the Google Assistant can do, the Unibot has been able to do for a long time”, Ecovacs will have thought – and turned the Unibot into a kind of remote control for the smart home.

Ecovacs Unibot Vacuum Robot App Live Image
Always at home with you: this is how Ecovacs imagines using the Unibot.

The Ecovacs Unibot can operate light switches, blinds or curtains and other devices that can be controlled via infrared. In other words, automation of lighting or darkening of rooms, raising and lowering of blinds, etc. If set correctly, this can also save energy. In addition, the robot reminds you of entered appointments.

Oh well, of course the robot can also vacuum. ?


We are in contact with Ecovacs and will keep you informed as soon as something happens regarding the possibly craziest vacuum robot model. It’s also possible that Ecovacs doesn’t see the Unibot as a sustainable financial model for the future and that it may never appear. Maybe they just want to show what they are capable of.

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  • Profile picture from Tiné Johnson
    # 31.10.18 um 20:11

    Tiné Johnson

    Keep us informed! Personally, I'd like a vacuum robot that does a good job at a cheap price!

  • Profile picture from Mr Bari
    # 02.11.18 um 15:07

    Mr Bari

    Hi.very good a jop robot!!.Wawo..for How price standing yet?

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 06.11.18 um 14:41

      Maike CG team

      @Mr Bari unfortuneately the robot is not available to buy yet

  • Profile picture from gary thares
    # 10.11.18 um 20:48

    gary thares

    Me also

  • Profile picture from dana
    # 18.01.19 um 07:22


    How much is it? Ty

  • Profile picture from dana
    # 18.01.19 um 07:22


    Found a few that wash sweep also they are on line

  • Profile picture from dana
    # 18.01.19 um 07:26


    The prices ran from just under 100$those did not wash But 125$ and up to the high 3-hundred's to 400$ but for 150$u can purchase this little wonder that washes thrn sweeps or vice a verse

  • Profile picture from dana
    # 18.01.19 um 07:30


    The name brand were unknown to me But if it comes w/some kind of warrant or a phone #I can l8ve with that
    Hardest problem for me would be programming it

  • Profile picture from Chatles Williams
    # 28.01.19 um 14:29

    Chatles Williams

    I want a robot that is the b est bit cheap

  • Profile picture from Chatles Williams
    # 28.01.19 um 14:31

    Chatles Williams


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