Egglettes: Perfectly shaped eggs without shell for $1.47

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

We’ve recently introduced you to the craziest egg cups. Now we’ll show you how to put perfectly shaped, hard-boiled eggs on the breakfast plate. The Egglettes are known from American television advertising and were modelled accordingly by the Chinese.

Egglettes egg former

Use of the Egglettes

The Egglettes are available individually or in a six-pack. Usually you make several eggs (for yourself or the whole family?), so it makes more sense to buy a six-pack. The round egg dishes made of silicone help if you just can’t get beautiful shapes or if the egg breaks when removing the eggshell from the chicken egg. Using the Egglettes is quite easy:

1. Spray the inside of the egglet with the spray supplied (three to four times).
2. Pour the egg yolk (together with the egg white) from the egg into an egglet pan.
3. Close the mould with the lid at the top.
4. Place the egglett with the yolk in a pot (or similar) with hot water.
5. Remove the lid and place the finished egg shape gently on the plate.

Egglettes egg former instructions
The handling of the egg former is quite simple.

Of course, all sorts of other ingredients can be added to the egglett (if they are small), such as vegetables or spices. This way you get cool eggs with different flavours. The moulds can logically also be put into the dishwasher.

Egglettes egg former finished egg
The egg shape can also be used to create and implement creative dishes.

Of course, the Egglettes are gadgets that you do not actually need. But if you like breakfast eggs in the morning, you will enjoy the easy handling and the creative possibilities. Can you make something like that for yourself? Sure, but the material must be heat-resistant, properly shaped and have a lid. But the Eggletts are not so expensive that one has to make the effort.

What do you think? Practical gadget for the kitchen or is it unnecessary?

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