For the lazy one: Electric hand-held dishwasher for $50.43

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Personally, I lack the time, desire and motivation during the week to wash used dishes immediately by hand. In the course of time, an unpleasant tower of dirty plates and used glasses is created in the sink, which then only eats more time on weekends. But there’s now a “revolutionary” China gadget for that, too: an Electric hand-held dishwasher.

Electric hand dishwasher

How does it work?

The electric hand dishwasher is equipped with two flexible arms which wrap individually around the dishes and hold them.

Electronic Hand Dishwasher Design

No rollers or brushes are attached to the arms. This allows the harness to rotate and be cleaned at the same time. There is a rubberized roller in the middle, which is motorized and ensures that the dishes rotate. Around it there is a flexible frame, which is also equipped with brushes and cleans the dishes from the other side.

With the operating buttons directly on the handle, the washing time can be adjusted on the one hand and on the other hand it is possible to switch between tableware and cutlery mode.

Electronic hand dishwasher Control element

The electric hand dishwasher can be disassembled into its individual parts so that you can clean the kitchen aid yourself after use. Unfortunately, I could not find spare parts in the online shops so far.

Electronic hand dishwasher individual parts


The electric hand dishwasher is a nice, but also expensive gadget. Whether or not it actually works well probably depends a lot on the degree of dirtiness of the dishes. I think without soaking the whole thing will only work to a limited extent. One advantage is that you can wash your dishes a lot hotter than by hand. What do you think of this strange kitchen helper?

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    # 14.11.18 um 19:22


    Much easier to use a sponge. Useless gadget.

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