EleksTube IPS LED Clock: 6 customizable IPS Displays for $124.98

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

A normal watch is too boring for you? With the EleksTube IPS LED clock you can present your own style with different effect, image and color variants. Thus, an unspectacular clock becomes a cool and worth seeing room decoration. But is the high price justified?

EleksTube IPS LED Clock

Setup & Settings

First, the watch arrived undamaged from China to us after about 1 1/2 weeks. In the process, the IPS displays were all individually wrapped and the glass domes were wrapped in foam. The setup was not really difficult and after a short time, the watch could be turned on with the included USB-C cable. When setting up, it is important to install the displays in the direction of the battery so that they can start operating properly.

EleksTube IPS LED Clock Setup

The EleksTube IPS LED clock consists of 6 small IPS displays that are positioned on the case. Above the displays there are small glass domes which are not further attached and just rest on the displays. There are three “Mode” buttons on the top of the case, which can be used to navigate through the individual modes. In addition, there is the self-explanatory power button for turning the watch on and off. As you could see during our german Banggood livestream, this is especially helpful if a display hangs for some reason.

EleksTube IPS LED Clock Backside

There are a total of 6 modes, three of which offer several options. These would be the classic time setting where you can manually adjust the year, month, day, hours, minute and seconds. On the other hand, there is the style mode, where the font style can be adjusted. There are three different default settings, but you can also create your own designs via a software for Windows and load them onto the clock.

EleksTube IPS LED Clock Modes

In addition, there is the RGB mode where you can set the colors in which the lights shine. There is also a rainbow mode, for example, and the speed of the color change can be edited. You can also set whether the clock should support the 12- or 24-hour format.

EleksTube IPS LED Clock Styles

Program for own designs

With the help of the IPS Upload program, the user can, as already mentioned, upload their own designs and artwork to the displays. This works by, if you want to create a completely custom design, drawing or painting something in Paint or Photoshop. Then save the file as a 24-bit bitmap and put it into the “img” folder.

EleksTube IPS LED Clock Software

There you have to change the name and replace the old files with the same name. After that, upload it to the program and the clock connected to your PC/laptop via USB-A cable should restart and display your own designs.

Worth the money?

Six small IPS displays that can be customized via software with a total of over 20 different settings sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Absolutely from our point of view, if it weren’t for the price. Because paying more than $120 for such a small gadget is something most people won’t see, and rightly so. Surely it makes something visually and can replace the boring clock in the room well, but whether you have to put so much money is questionable.

If you like the design and like to tinker a bit, you can get a similar clock for a lot less. Although you can’t create your own designs with the software, you can let your creativity run wild when tinkering with it.

What do you actually say to such a fancy watch? Would it be something for you or do you not need something like that?

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