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Xiaomi M365 Scooter

Xiaomi is and remains one of the most popular brands from China and what else do they have in their extensive range: from vacuum robots, to fitness wristbands, to laptops. This selection is now extended by another gadget, the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. Whether it is as useful and useful as the ballpoint pen or as innovative as the Black Shark Gaming smartphone remains to be seen.

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E-scooters are considered not only as a particularly progressive but also environmentally friendly means of transport. Since 2018 they are roaming the streets en masse. But there are still many questions. Where am I allowed to drive e-scooters? How fast can I drive and where can I park it? In helpful guides we'll answer you these and more questions.

Maybe you even want to have your own scooter. But what do e-scooters cost anyway? How do I insure an e-scooter? Do I have to? And where can I buy an e-scooter? We have been watching the development of small scooters for a very long time and tested scooters from Xiaomi or Segway / Ninebot early on.

In addition, there is already so-called scooter sharing in many cities worldwide. Suppliers such as Bird, Lyft and Lime offer the rides for a fee for hire - be it in L.A., Paris, Berlin or hundreds of other cities.

E-scooters are not the only gadgets that fall into the category of e-mobility. Surely you have heard of hoverboards - we were some of the first to order and test such devices years ago. Whether e-skateboard or skates, hoverboard or monowheel - we’ve got all the electrical means of transport here. Which one is your favorite?