ENĆHEN Hair clippers from $8.99 from Amazon.com

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

You currently can get the ENĆHEN Boost hair clippers for $8.99 at Amazon.com with a 10% discount.

The self quarantine continues and slowly the hair falls into our eyes. With every day the temptation to try something for ourselves increases. When we then saw the ENĆHEN hair clippers, we couldn’t help but introduce them to you.

The ENĆHEN hair clippers are often referred to as Xiaomi products in the China shops, but they are not really. This is because they are sold on the Xiaomiyoupin sales platform.

ENĆHEN Boost Hair Clipper

The cheapest ENĆHEN hair clipper is the ENĆHEN Boost. With its dimensions of 43 x 164 mm it does not differ much from other hair clippers. Also the operating volume is with 55db in the usual range. To avoid unnecessary cuts, a rounded comb shields the ceramic shaving head.

Variable hair length adjustment and turbo mode

The boost can be variably adjusted with a slider to the desired hair length between 0.7 – 21 mm. With a simple push of a button you start it in normal mode with 4500 rpm ( rotations per minute ), which is suitable for thinner hair. However, if you hold the button down for a long time, you will switch to turbo mode at 5800 rpm, which is suitable for thicker hair.

A hair clipper with USB-C?

To charge the hair clipper, there is a USB-C port on the bottom of the device. A full charge should allow 90 minutes of operation and after an hour and a half the battery should be full again. After the work is done, a charge indicator starts flashing when the battery is nearing the end.

ENĆHEN Hummingbird Hair Clipper

The ENĆHEN Hummingbird hair clipper is positioned in the middle of the field and should be suitable for very short haircuts or a bald head. It has similar dimensions to the ENĆHEN Boost with 40 x 145 mm.

Three different combs

With the three enclosed combs hair lengths of 1 to 3 mm are possible. There is only one operating mode which runs at 7500 rpm and should therefore also be suitable for thicker hair. In addition, it is with a maximum of 50 dB a little quieter than the Boost.

USB charge and long battery life

In contrast to the Boost, the charging is not done via USB-C, but via an enclosed power cable. However, this is not plugged into a socket but into a USB charger. Disadvantage of this charging option, you need a USB charger, which is not included. A typical smartphone charger should be sufficient. On the positive side, it should have more runtime. After three hours it is fully charged and then you should be able to use it for four hours. A battery indicator will also light up when you need to charge it.

ENĆHEN EC-712 Hair clipper

The most expensive, but available as a set, ENĆHEN EC-712 relies on additional accessories. Also this hair clipper is about the same size with 45 x 170 mm.

Different attachment combs for the hair clipper

With the help of a knob you can set the hair length to 0.8-2 mm and there are four different attachment combs. Similar to the Hummingbird the hair clipper has only one operating mode with 7500 rpm.

Low battery life and USB charging

Charging is done according to the same principle as with the Hummingbird. It concerns a power cable, which has a USB-A connection instead of the usual plug. Thus the hair clipper can be charged with a smartphone charger or similar. The running time is reduced compared to the other models, the battery should last 45 minutes when charging. If you want to cut the hair of several people one after the other, you will certainly have to recharge.

The advantage of the EC-712 is that it comes in a set. This set includes a cape, a comb and two scissors. Of course you have to consider how good a pair of hairdressing scissors can be in such a cheap set.

Even so, there are a lot of similia products on Amazon. But I do like the USB-C powered ENĆHEN Boost and think that this might set it apart from all the other hair clippers.

Which of the machines do you like best? Do you already have a ENĆHEN in use and can present your haircutting attempts? As a help for your neck hair you can try out the haircut stencil.

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    How do purchasing

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    # 20.02.21 um 17:59

    Brian White

    I bought one of these but the instructions are written in Chinese. As I live in the U.K. they are not much good

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      Derek Humpy

      Same here what good is selling a product with Chinese instructions should be stated before you buy

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    Ana Izquierdo lamelas

    Me gustaría saber si venden por separado el cargador denla máquina ya que la perdí? Si es así por favor dígame cómo pedirla, mi máquina es la enćhen EC-712

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