Extendable table tennis net for 8,75€/$10.46

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

No, this gadget is really not new. In fact, we’re not sure ourselves why we haven’t reported on it for a long time. Perhaps we were too spoiled with our table tennis table on the roof terrace in the old office. But with rising temperatures, we visibly miss it. That’s why we had to remedy the situation with this extendable table tennis net. And this little money was well invested!

Extendable table tennis net

Extendable table tennis net

The extendable table tennis net is one of those China gadgets that you get in umpteen variations and from various “manufacturers”. And yes, even in any sporting goods store you can get it for a reasonable price. However, not everyone has a such a store near them and shipping is a bit more expensive. But the basic principle is similar for all these nets. The net is rolled up on two of the small “posts”, making it flexible in length. These posts can be attached to most tables, and the manufacturers here specify a thickness of 5 cm/2 inches for the table top. So our thick workbench table top fits easily with a thickness of 4 cm (1,5 inches).

Extendable table tennis net assembly

With this spring clamp system on both sides, the net is attached in no time. The clamps are each equipped with silicone on both sides, so there should be no scratches on or under the tabletop, we could not notice any so far in any case.The assembly for the attachment is thus done in less than ten seconds. The net or the posts are available in different colors, nothing changes in the function. According to Wikipedia, the official net height is 15.25 cm. This exceeds the extendable table tennis net by a good half centimeter, which I still find acceptable.

Extendable table tennis net height

The workmanship of the table tennis net and the posts made of plastic could be better, but is okay for the price. Only the net tension could drop a little in the long run, at least I have the impression. You should have an eye on this, so that the net does not sag. I was positively surprised by the stability. Even if you hit it lightly or sometimes get against it, the net holds well, because the clamps are under tension and have some play due to the silicone. If you get caught with your racket in the fray, the net shouldn’t take much damage.

Extendable table tennis clamped ball

DIY table tennis table for very little money

But why buy such a net and not just a table tennis table? Because of the price, for sure. For just under 10€/$11, you can easily make a table tennis table out of an (old) table.If you look on Amazon, even the cheapest plate already costs significantly more. If you have a larger kitchen table, garden table or an old table at home, you can make your DIY table tennis table here. Of course, you also need rackets and balls.If you don’t have them lying around, you can get them for little money at Amazon.

Extendable table tennis net play ball

Just now when the temperatures rise again, I think this is a simple implementation for little money. It is fun in any case. We play in the office at the actually too high workbench, but with rail and tightened rules. It’s pretty fun!

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