Anti-stress “Fidget Cube” for $1.10

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.
 Feeling stressed out or are you constantly nervous? Then the Fidget Cube is the right choice for you! With many useful functions to keep your hands busy all day long.

Fidget Cube

fidget cubes in three different colours with their boxes
On each side, the Fidget Cube has a different function to counter the stress that may be. On one side there are rollers, which can be rolled with the fingertips , another side is slightly flattened and should be rubbed for relaxation  and on one side there is a device which can be rotated . In addition, you can slide on a joystick-like plastic button, click on five different, small buttons and flip on a switch , ie up and down (see picture below).
all the different sides of the fidget cube
Short evaluation of the individual functions: The cube seems to be well processed, except the moving parts nothing seems loose and there are no unsightly or disturbing corners and edges. The tilt switch as well as the three wheels and the ball work perfectly and actually make the most fun. On the side the five buttons are not really noiseless, the click is only slightly quieter on two buttons. The wheel rotates well, but the pin is missing some grip. The ” joystick ” (or how to call it) can be pushed and rotated wonderfully, But also seems to me the most vulnerable to wear off fast. The flat recess on the otherwise free side is well processed and feels comfortable under the finger.

fidget cube with blurred background

All in all, I am delighted by the cheap China version (our came from GearBest and cost about 5 €) and would definitely recommend it as a gift. Two other cubes, which we ordered at AliExpress , did not differ qualitatively – but the packaging was the same. One of the two was almost identical to the GearBest model, on the second the metal ball was not so easy to move. Overall, we can say according to our experience so far, that with the purchase of the China version you’ll have no quality losses and get a functioning little toy.

The design is very funny and using the cube can be unremarkable. A good way for the nervous type to relieve some stress or as the perfect gift for the jittery friend to relax a little.

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