Super sweet fish pillows from $0.65 for your pussycats

Hey, the headline’s not ours. Banggood calls these pillows “cute” and “lovely”. And the seller must know. Beside the almost old herrings, there is now a bigger and cheaper selection of fish pillows.

Fish pillows

How much is the fish?

Unfortunately I don’t know enough about fish to tell you exactly what kind of fish is shown here. I can still spot a trout without any problems, but the rest unfortunately exceeds my skills šŸ˜€ . Maybe there is a fish lover or fishing expert among you who could enlighten us.

And who wants a teddy bear if he can cuddle up with a sweet herring instead? Especially your hairy roommates seem to be really into it (maybe because of the catnip šŸ™‚ ).

If you’re not the cuddly type, you can simply pose for photos with your catch. The fish are available in different sizes and colours. Most of the fish linked here are 20 or 40 cm tall.

Fish pillows sweet
The fish is crying, but the cat is happy!

If you don’t like fish and the catnip so much, but would rather have something else cute, you might like a piglet or a dog better. Or you can look around here, for pillows without animal design šŸ™‚

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  • 24.03.19 um 20:15


    Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up yum!!

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