Drink secretly – with style! Flask Bracelet from $6.49

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The desire to sweeten the morning coffee with a dash of white spirit in the face of annoying neighbours or colleagues has certainly been felt by most people. But you always get such a strange look in the office with the bottle of bourbon… You probably will with this Flask Bracelet, but thanks to its contents you probably don’t care.

Flask Bracelet

Purely optically rather an accessory for female wrists, which like to adorn themselves with bracelets of all sizes and shapes. If there is one thing that makes oversized bracelets attractive for men, it is this bracelet made of stainless steel with a hidden beverage store. In addition to a variant in rosé and in brightly colored, this is also available in discreet silver. The latter is also the cheapest version.

Flask Bracelet Rainbow

Plenty of space on the wrist – but of course the hand has to go through the ring first.
However, and here comes a not insignificant hook on the thing, the inner diameter is indicated with just under 7cm, and that with almost all offers. I don’t know about you guys, but my hand can’t fit through it. Either you have hands like Donald Trump, or your wife / girlfriend has to carry the liquor around for you. That would be one reason to spend more time with the SO. Maybe she is also happy about the bracelet as a present.

The indicated capacity is 90-100ml, which lasts differently depending upon personal drinking behavior. However, the contents are not cooled, and I would also refrain from carbonated liquids. If you accept all this (and maybe find a larger model; links to the comments), you might find a loyal companion in this bracelet. Our the perfect gift for your friends, family, colleagues and so on.

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