Cloud irrigation for plants for $3.25

An ecological gadget for nature lovers. This flower vase makes it rain on the plants.

flower pot

No more manual pouring?

Basically, the principle is simple. Above the flowerpot holder there is a water reservoir in the form of a cloud with fine holes at the bottom. Now you put a piece of cloth into it or two – with the thickness of the cloth you can influence the intensity of the rain – and then you pour water into the top. Fine raindrops drip down onto the plant.

Since watering with clouds naturally tempts you to water the plants more often, this pot is more suitable for hydrophilic plants such as rice or papyrus. Succulents and cacti, on the other hand, could quickly be over-watered. Or you just let it rain only once a quarter.

Above all, I don’t want to withhold from you the pictographic explanation (which is why cloud irrigation is so much better than watering normally):

Explanation with Chinese charm.

Against waterlogging, there is a plug underneath the flower pot, through which the excess water can be drained.

The gadget measures about 18 x 12 x 8 cm and comes without a plant. But how about a Venus flytrap? It prefers swampy substrates and would be great for the pot.

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