For your Tiny House: the foldable bathtub from $116.99

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Not everyone is blessed with a bathtub. Some people have no room, others prefer to take a shower anyway (it saves water). But now and then it would be nice to relax in the water or to let your rubber duck run a little. The temporary solution: a foldable bathtub!

Compact – but also practical?

What looks like an oversized laundry basket, is an oversized laundry basket…uh a foldable bathtub! The measurements? 138 cm long (54 inches) , 62 cm (25 inches) wide, 51 cm (20 inches) high. At least I would strongly recommend these measurements if the bathtub is not only for the kids. For them the cheaper, 120 cm (47 inches) long version is probably sufficient. For the large tub, 130 cm (51 inches) are available at the shortest point. The manufacturer states that the tub is suitable for people up to 2 meters (6.6 feet). Let me put it this way: you can still get into the tub in any case. But getting out is another thing…

When folded (and empty!), it brings the bathtub to 12 kilos (27 lbs) and a compact height of 22cm (9 inches). With this it can be stowed away wonderfully.

If you want to take a bath, unfold the “feet” and press the bottom of the folded tub out of the plastic frame.

This is how you stow away the foldable bathtub.

To fill it up, you either need a water hose or, if it fits, you place the tub in the shower. The feet are fitted with non-slip elements for exactly this purpose.

The foldable bathtub also comes with a few little extras: Massage rollers are built into the floor and there is a lid that, in addition to providing extra insulation, also creates space for productive activity while you take your bath. So after about an hour there should be “only” a temperature loss of 5 degrees.

You see? Productive activity! Okay – typing may not be in it, but the new season of Dark! It’s also cool that there’s a second tub in the background.

Anyone who complains: The lid doesn’t make any sense – how are you supposed to get it on top of the tub without any help? What is not clear from the photos, becomes clear when you look at the product page on Banggood and watch the video. The lid is modular and can be put on the tub in 3 parts as needed.
When you are done bathing, there is a small drain to which a hose can also be connected.

The foldable bathtub – assessment

For families with small children, the foldable bathtub is certainly a sensible purchase if you do not yet have a bathtub yourself. Even those who move frequently or have little space anyway will have fun with the bathtub. But you will not experience the comfort of a permanently installed bathtub here. Setting it up, filling it up with a hose and draining it takes a lot of time. And as long as the tub dries, I wouldn’t fold it up again either. But I can imagine it very well on terraces in summer for cooling or in winter with hot water.

What do you think?

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    # 18.08.20 um 07:33

    Dan Serna

    I would love to try one of those tubes ,,my wife is always complaining that she just wants to soak in the tub and I hear that about three times a month but we travel quite a bit and we live in a travel trailer and you guessed it no tub if I was Shure it would shut her up I would buy 2 but only need one but just in case she wears the first one out I would have a spare

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