Reusable and foldable stainless steel straw for $6.89

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Plastic straws will soon be a thing of the past. And they definitely should be. Of course, alternatives are needed, and one of them is this foldable stainless steel straw that can be used again and again.

Foldable metal straw

Plastic straws belong in the garbage

As practical as plastic straws are, they simply generate a lot of waste. Millions are consumed daily and often end up in the oceans as non-degradable waste. Some stores are therefore already removing them from their product range.

But what do you drink your cocktails with now? How to enjoy cold drinks in summer? And what about the sangria bucket? We are already working hard on alternatives made of paper and bamboo, but this stainless steel version is also an option. This is a replica of a kickstarter project called FinalStraw, which the Chinese are selling here again in their own version.

Stainless steel straw foldable folded out

It comes in a small box that can also be used as a key ring. The idea: The straw is always with you and can be unpacked when you buy a Coke at the newsstand or get a mojito at the pool party.

Stainless Steel Foldable Straw Box
The flap closure is magnetic.

The straw consists of four individual segments of stainless steel that can be folded. The principle is known, for example, from the poles of small tents. Here there is a transparent tube in the individual tubes, which is held in place at both ends by silicone attachments. This means that there is no liquid on the inside of the metal during use, as the silicone attachments close the ends. All individual parts can also be taken apart.

Is the straw working?

We all know how a straw works? Good. ? It’s the same here. At the most, it is a little unusual that the end is significantly thicker than with plastic straws. Of course, the silicone also feels different. Drinking thick drinks is a bit harder, because the tube is a bit thinner than the straws we are used to.

Stainless steel straw foldable in glass

And of course it doesn’t look quite as fancy as the colourful straws you like to see in your cocktail. The metal straw is more like an outdoor or camping holiday. What looks nicer in the kitchen drawer, on the other hand, are straws completely made of metal, without a tube and not foldable. They are easy to clean and can be beautifully designed or colorful.

And what about the cleaning?

Cleaning is of course very important for a reusable product. Can you get the straw clean again? On the outside, of course, everything can simply be washed off with water. To clean the hose from the inside, there is also a small metal wire with one end made of silicone. Push it through the straw and pull the silicone end through to get liquid out of the hose.

Stainless Steel Foldable Straw Cleaning
This wire is inserted through the straw…
Stainless Steel Foldable Straw Cleaning 1
…and pulled through at the other end, cleaning it from the inside.

And do I buy the straw now?

Of course it is much easier to have a 100 pack of plastic straws in the kitchen cabinet and simply throw them away. Plastic bags are also more comfortable than carrying a second bag around, and taking a car is easier than cycling. But there’s nothing wrong with looking for alternatives to plastic for the time being.

This straw does not solve environmental problems, nor is it primarily intended to do so. To me it looks like a holiday gadget that you take on a hike to be able to draw your drink through a straw at the summit cross. I think it is suitable for this, and in theory it can be used for years. However, the metal-silicone mix does not make a cocktail any more beautiful.

What do you think? What do you think of a ban on plastic straws? And what do you think of the foldable metal alternative?

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Comments (6)

  • Profile picture from Ali D
    # 28.07.18 um 10:30

    Ali D

    From what I've seen, the waste from the cup is tantamount to the cup it is held in. Though it's a good start to waste reduction it doesn't address the bigger concern of the plastic or foam cups that Starbucks serves it in. Foldable and collapsible is fantastic especially if you're on a hike and it has many other unseen uses opposed to drinking. I would use it with the cleaner as shown in the photo as a hammock peg or tent pole id likely buy multiple so I can pack it into my rucksack and not have to carry those bulky awkward tent poles on long treksm It could be outfitted with blowdarts if you find yourself in a survival situation. Though my favourite thing even more than the compact size is that it is a perfect tool for lighting fires by precisely blowing where you need to, especially when you are on that last match.

  • Profile picture from Eyvind
    # 29.07.18 um 12:24


    Ok "Ali D" .. can u tell me..what does the "D" after "Ali" stand for? Im just wondering

  • Profile picture from Eyvind
    # 30.07.18 um 17:05


    @Ali D: wtf??your trying to sell this stuff? You get money for selling this?

  • Profile picture from hugo
    # 29.11.18 um 01:59


    Ali D I actually like the idea, and so does my girlfriend. In hot countries it is very useful for the coconut water and also to take to the beach where plastic including straws are band from use. This is a handy thing to take. Yeh I get it some people aren't a fan of it..but really come on there's more things to have a moan about in life than someone smelling metal foldable straws.

  • Profile picture from hugo
    # 29.11.18 um 02:03


    Meant ..*selling* metal foldable straws..(auto corrected itself) obviously nobody would be smelling straws..that'd be insane lol :s

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 29.11.18 um 09:44

      Maike CG team

      @hugo smelling would be funny though 😀

      But I agree with you, this is a handy alternative to all the plastic straws, especially if they are banned from specific places.

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