No more mess: the foldable toy mat from $2.20

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While the kids are looking forward to every new toy for their birthday, as their collection of lego bricks, playmobils, wooden instruments and probably also fidget spinners continues to grow, it happens to a parent to regularly leave his footprint on one of the toys. We all know how painful this could be. With the foldable toy mat, this problem could be soon the past.

Foldable toy mat


The practical foldable toy mat / bag is made of polyester and is suitable for indoor and outdoor. Because of the material it can also get a bit wet without taking any damage. With a diameter of 50 – 150cm, all the toys of the little ones and the child should have enough room on the mat. It is furthermore practical because you can use the mat as a backpack for other things. The gadget is available in the colors red, blue and green.

The principle of the bag is explained by the pictures quite well. There is a small play area on which the kids can play with their toys; if you pull the cord that runs in the edge, the contents close, like as in a gymnastic bag (please take the child out of the mat before).

Foldable toy mat Example


The manufacturer assumes a little naive that children, if they have this mat in their room, that they only play on it. In reality, logo bricks and toy cars are probably everywhere, but not on it. I agree with the naive hope and believe that you can teach your children: “Lego please only here. Otherwise there is no dinner for you.“ Or something like that. And if they stick to it, they can be rewarded with something new.

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    # 15.02.18 um 10:57


    Omg greatest thing I have seen in a long time. Although I didnt see my kids for a week and then I stepped on a toy and realized I missed it

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