Always prepared: with the foldable wine glass for $3.75

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A good glass of wine at the stand or in the park has what, but from the plastic cup? Come on, you can do it more stylishly! With the foldable wine glass made of silicone you have the perfect companion to enjoy a noble drop on the way.

foldable wine glass

Shaped like a real wine glass – so the wine can fully develop its aroma. Only the handle is not used for the silicone version. Let’s face it, you don’t really need it anyway.

Foldable wine glass trouser pocket
If the glass is just empty, it can simply be put into the trouser pocket

While plastic cups easily break if you deform them, the silicone glass always takes on its original shape. Of course, you could drink other drinks from the glass. The emphasis here is on could… ?
The silicone glass is dish washer safe and therefore very easy to clean, if you own a dish washer 🙂 Furthermore it can be filled with very cold (-40°C/-72°F) or very hot beverages (230°C/414°F). Just don’t burn your fingers! I think the glass it not only a great idea for the wine-lovers, but it is also suitable for smaller children, as the possibility for accidents is minimized. No more destroyed glassware and broken glass to endanger your loved ones.

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