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Foldable smartphones seem to be one of the big smartphone trends for 2019. After recently introducing the Royole FlexPai, it’s now the turn of the next China manufacturer. Today we actually saw a video that supposedly shows the first foldable Xiaomi smartphone!

A first video leak

The information we have so far is derived from the freshly released video. The video, a good 20 seconds long, shows a device equipped with a foldable display. In fact, at first glance it looks like an ordinary tablet until the person in the video folds both the right and left edges of the screen. With these two “folds”, a smartphone display remains over. But at first glance you can already see that it’s probably a device in 16:9 format and not in the meanwhile popular 18:9 or 19:9 format.

But what makes us think it’s a Xiaomi device? There is no Mi branding to be seen. But experienced eyes can definitely make out the MIUI operating system. Although the OS is completely in Chinese, some app icons can be recognized. In addition, you can read in the settings that the user opens that it is the MIUI 10 operating system. Even if the “leak” (probably) doesn’t come from Xiaomi itself, these are indications that the device is really a foldable Xiaomi smartphone. There is also the leak from Evan Blass, who has already provided a lot of accurate advance information in the past.

Xiaomi folding smartphone MIUI

Especially in contrast to the FlexPai it is interesting that the foldable Xiaomi smartphone can be folded twice, while the FlexPai can only be folded in the middle. This is also the case with the Samsung Galaxy F. With the foldable Xiaomi smartphone it would of course be interesting to see how the back looks when folded. Where are the camera(s) on the back? How thick is the device when folded?


We’re assuming it’s really a Xiaomi smartphone. The signs are quite clear thanks to the MIUI operating system. However, we cannot and don’t want to rule out that it is simply a very well done fake. As soon as we know more, we will update this article. What do you think of the concept of a foldable smartphone? Is it even suitable for everyday use?

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