For retro heroes: 8BitDo computer mouse for $24.99 from Amazon

Looking for a wireless computer mouse in the design of your favourite retro console? Well, probably not, but maybe this mouse in 8BitDo’s NES design could still be something for you! In addition to this stylish mouse, you also get the matching mouse pad!

Technology is rather standard

With just 1,000 dpi (dots per inch), this mouse is less suitable for gaming or fine tuning in image editing. It is more likely to be used in the office or on a laptop. With a weight of just 71 g and the dimensions 110 x 56 x 35 mm, it is, however, quite light and handy. With a 2.4 G receiver it can be connected to Windows and macOS.

Snazzy look!

As you know it from 8BitDo, its products are optically very much based on the old Nintendo consoles. So this mouse is also modeled after the controllers of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and we like that a lot! The two mouse buttons look like the input buttons of the retro controller and there is even a control pad on the side!

The mouse pad that comes with every mouse looks like the NES itself, and the design is very convincing.

The key assignment

The two mouse buttons are conventionally arranged left and right, but due to the design the buttons are much smaller, so they may not be suitable for precise operation. Instead of a mouse wheel, there is a touch panel in the middle, between the keys. However, this only takes over the mouse wheel’s functions to a limited extent, as it can apparently only be used for scrolling and doesn’t have a pressure sensor.

What stands out is the directional pad on the left side. This is used for additional navigation and is probably intended to compensate for the missing functions of the mouse wheel, and by the way it looks very nice.

The stylish mouse for the workplace

Unfortunately, the retro mouse from 8BitDo isn’t suitable for gaming, but it makes the workplace of every retro fan much nicer. Stylish design and good price in combination with the included mouse pad could make this mouse the new go-to for Nintendo lovers or a great gift idea for them.

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