Forearm forklifts for the next move for $2.93

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Anyone who has already moved to a new home knows the problem: Heavy furnishings such as sofas or washing machines cannot usually be carried properly because the edges do not provide the necessary support. Or you will get pain in your fingers if you try to lift the furniture at even the smallest corner. To prevent this from happening to you in the future, there are now forearm forklifts.

Forearm forklifts handling

In the offer you get two of the straps, which are made of a very durable synthetic fiber. The straps can be loaded up to more than 300 kg each. So if you carry two forearm forklifts together, you could theoretically transport more than 600 kg. The two straps are each 250 cm long and 5-10 cm wide and should be able to be wrapped loosely around the refrigerator and Co.

Forearm forklifts
With a length of only 250 cm 600 kg can be transported

For transport, place the belts under the piece of furniture, preferably crosswise, and put your forearms into the loops. Now you can lift the good piece easily and back-friendly and still have your hands free to prevent the items from tilting sideways. Enjoy your next move!

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