The “Forever Alone” coffee lid for $10

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Are you lonely and looking for some closeness and warmth? You could finally find happiness with this coffee lid. No, not the happiness you’re thinking of now, but you’re definitely not alone anymore. Somehow.

Forever Alone coffee lid black and white

The lid is made of thin plastic. And yes, you are right: The shape is that of a human mouth and nose. Is this lid really made for people who feel alone? Or doesn’t it look more like a funny gag? If you put it on a coffee or tea cup, the mouth will warm you while you drink. Maybe it really feels like a real person. Somehow a weird idea. That alone makes it a true WTF gadget for us. As an alternative this coffee lid is also available with a silicone lid on a ceramic cup. If you definitely want to reuse the lid, this is the right choice for you.

Especially from fall to spring this coffee lid should be very popular. Because cold weather is meant for “Coffee to go” or a Pumpkin spiced coffee on the go in your new favorite cup.

Forever Alone coffee lid black on white cup

If you take care of the coffee lid, you can definitely reuse it several times. Who wants to wait a long time after a great date for the next one? You can get to know all the inner values of your “partner” with multiple use. Be it the bitter side, like with a black coffee or the sweet side with a fruit tea with honey. In addition, your partner has a normal BMI. This is always 90 mm in diameter, which is the standard in the row of cups.

Person takes a drink from the Forever Alone coffee lid

Of course, this is just a fun gadget. No one needs a coffee lid as a replacement to a person. (or do you?) The lid just looks funny. To attract attention or to give to friends as an extraordinary gift, this lid is definitely suitable. And yes, if you like, you can of course also practice smooching on the cup. Maybe do it sooner, if nobody is watching.

What you interpret into it is up to you. We in the editorial staff think it really is one of the best WTF gadgets of the year. But that is also a matter of taste.

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