Don’t be a frog – Frog Sleep Mask for $2.16

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If you’re often on the road, you usually have to catch up on your sleep in the plane and in the train. It’s a good thing that you can do this in a fun way even in bright light with the frog sleep mask.

Frog sleep mask put on

With the sleep mask it should work better to sleep in the light and to relax. The mask is adjustable and made of plush. The fabric is green and has large frog eyes on the front of the mask, which are made in a kind of comic style. The frog’s eyelids can be adjusted to make four different grimaces when wearing.

Frog Sleep Masks Grimaces
The mask can be adjusted to look like a grimace when worn.

When you wear it, it seems to other people that you are showing them a grimace, which can be very amusing. You can also use this mask for shootings or funny photos or costumes. This is offered by the comic style of the eyes, as in the photo above a manga imitate or imitate.

It can be used in many ways and the actual task is to support the person who wears it while sleeping. We find that the frog sleep mask is more than a sleep mask. It is more of a photo or costume accessory than a real sleep mask.

What do you think of this “sleep mask”? Does it only serve its purpose or is it just made for fun?

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