Fruitcake bed for your pet/child for $15.12

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Whatever the time of year, one likes to give one’s loved ones something nice. Of course, your own pets are not excluded from this. And if they are not their own, then every little animal deserves a nice place to sleep. If there is currently no animal in the surrounding area, a small child may also fit into this wonderful fruitcake bed.

Fruitcake bed

Delicious and hair-friendly?

At AliExpress you can buy the cake base in two colour variations, light or dark lining, and in two different sizes, either 40 or 60 cm in diameter. I can’t tell you exactly to what extent the colour of the lying surface is relevant. At the most so that you might not see the hair of lighter animals so quickly?

Fruitcake bed cat

The fruit basket bed should be sufficient for cats and dogs with small body size. A Golden Retriever or something similar might be more likely to have claustrophobia. Various pieces of fruit can be bought separately to keep the little ones busy. If you have certain preferences in your choice of fruit, you can live them out here. One should pay attention however not to fill the fruit cake too much, because otherwise there is not enough place on the lying surface for the animal ?

To be able to buy the fruits additionally is on the one hand a cost factor not to be underestimated, on the other hand one has the possibility to choose freely. Since the fruits are also intended as toys for your little comrades, you can also replace them after some time if they show signs of wear. If you don’t want to spend so much money or have more fun with the simple things in life, then the pet pillow in bread form will certainly also do it ?

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