Tutti Frutti! Fruity beach towel for $8.40

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 At high temperatures, you sometimes get quite banana. You’d like nothing better than to lay at the beach, a fruity cocktail in hand and just let everything behind. Wouldn’t it be perfect to put on a stylish fruity beach towel to underline the summer feeling?

Fruity Beach Towel Kiwi

The fruity beach towels are made of a polyester and polyamide blend and are only available in one size. With a weight of 4.6 oz , the towels are very light. Since the beach towels are round, 59 x 59 inches should be large enough for children. However, most adults should also be able to place at least the majority of their body on the cloth – and take a good, long nap in the sun.

The special feature of this towel is not the material however, but the 3D print on it. You can chose between a variety of motives, such as lemon, kiwi, dragon fruit, watermelon or a tomato. And even though it’s hard to classify tomatoes as fruit or vegetables, it is as nice a beach towel as the other fruits. Due to the material and the very low weight of the fruit cloths, it is to be assumed that the cloth is more likely to be intended to lie on top of than to be able to dry well.

Fruity beach towel tomato


Fruit motives like the watermelon or a pineapple are currently very trendy and are well received this summer. Despite the small restriction, the beach towel is definitely the highlight of your next outdoor visit.

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