Funny animal bookmarks for your books for $2

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Despite screens in the hand, on the wall and on the arm, literature still enjoys great popularity. Of course, there are many books that you would prefer not to put down, but sometimes, unfortunately, more important things that need to be done call. Then the animal bookmarks not only help you find your last read page again, but are also worth a laugh with their grimaces.

Animal Bookmarks in the Book

The animal bookmarks look like animals, which are held in a cartoon style. These have a size of about 10 x 5 cm, but this depends again on the individual animals themselves. You can choose between ten different animals, which all look different. The material of the bookmarks is plastic, which according to the manufacturer is soft, flexible and difficult to break.

Animal Bookmarks Material

There are often different ways to mark a page, from dog-earing it, to putting pencils in the book, to remembering the page throughout the day. This is where the animal bookmarks offer an easier and more book-friendly way to mark the right page. The bookmarks make funny faces when the book is closed and look like they are stuck in the book.

Animal Bookmarks Panda

The bookmarks are also great as a gift for bookworms. With a price of about $2 for an animal bookmark, they are also cheap and can be a fun alternative to the often rather plain bookmarks for many.

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