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For some fun in between, there are thimbles in the form of little hands. With them, you can easily share your emotions, pet your pet or get a laugh or two from your friends.

Thimble hands on hand

High Five!

With the thimble hands you can let your emotions run free. A high five and a brofist, with his friends or be able to pet the cat or the dog with just one finger? With the thimble hands this is no problem! But please do me a favor and treat your pet rather than the cats from the side. Does not look very pleasant for them.

The thimbles are made of plastic and have a small opening on the underside of the hand. There you can put your finger and wear the thimble on your hand. The little hands are available in different variations, whether as a pair of hands or feet or directly a set of both. Alternatively, there are the little finger attachments with a peace sign, the perfect sign, the brofist or as a friendly greeting to tell you that you’re getting on your ass, as a middle finger.

The little hands could be a good gift to your friends for Christmas or Secret Santa. I also imagine it very funny if you put this on at school and report to class. You can also use them for funny photos or videos because they look a little funny at first, making for a funny moment.

I find the thimble hands very amusing and in the different hand types there is certainly something suitable for you. Photos or videos could be entertaining and a laugh of his friends is certainly in it as a gift. Nevertheless, you should also not disregard that they are just thimbles. You put them on maybe once or twice for very funny photos/videos and then they end up being packed away in just a drawer. For a price of 2.35 € for two thimbles or 3.65 € for four pieces I find the small hands but justifiable.

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