Gamory Controller for Nintendo Switch for $10.80/£11.40/16,99€ at Amazon 🎮

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

According to our experience, accessories for the Nintendo Switch don’t go down very well with Chinese gadgets – the trend is more towards PC, XBOX and Playstation. Nevertheless, we didn’t want to deprive you of the Gamory Nintendo Switch controller.

We took advantage of the offer and ordered the controller ourselves. In short: It’s not a full replacement for the Pro Controller, but it’s more than okay for the money and perfect as a second/third/fourth controller for couch multiplayer anyway.

Gamory Nintendo Switch Controller

The Gamory brand controller comes in the classic Switch colors of blue and red. So already at first glance, it is clear to which console it should belong. The arrangement of the buttons is the same as on the original Pro controllers, but the shape is a bit different. However, the seller talks about an “ergonomic design”, and indeed the controller fits well in the hand and is also the right size. It is a bit too wide at the bottom for my personal taste, but that is absolutely not an exclusion criterion.

The controller has a rumble function and motion and tilt sensors, which are supposed to support the motion control of some games. I could not test this extensively yet, but the vibration function already works. Personally, it is a bit too strong, but I am someone who always turns off all controller vibrations anyway, so this assessment is probably not really representative.

The built-in battery is supposed to last 8 to 10 hours and is charged via USB-C cable like the original controllers. Charging itself takes up to 3 hours. It works so far, but I cannot say anything about the times yet (the controller arrived 3 hours ago).

Our assessment

On Amazon, the controller has incredibly good reviews and gets an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars in all reviews. Despite the enormously high number of reviews, this value should be taken with a grain of salt. Considering the price, I am inclined to give the controller at least four stars as well. The design of the packaging looks pretty cheap at first, but let’s overlook that, it’s all about the content after all.

Gamory Nintendo Switch Controller hand

The sticks are not as precise as those of the Pro controller, but otherwise offer a good feel (and are at least better than those of the Joy Cons). The A/B/X/Y buttons are pleasant to use. R2/L2 have a comparatively high resistance, and R1/L1 are quite loud. None of these are major issues, and I haven’t noticed any limitations with Super Mario 3D Allstars so far compared to other controllers.

You can’t turn on the console with the controller.

Availability and price

The offer price naturally tempted us to try it out. Now that we have ordered the controller ourselves and played with it, we can say that it is also worth its normal price. However, it is then more of an ordinary third-party gamepad than a good offer. Nevertheless, we could not find any serious weaknesses and can therefore recommend the Gamory Nintendo Switch Controller.

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