Geekbes Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Stand for Dreame, Dyson, Roidmi and Co.

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

If you own a cordless vacuum cleaner at home, you will immediately know why many people get a stand for their vacuum cleaner:

  • Supplied wall mounts have to be attached to the wall – as the name suggests. This is not only inconvenient, but also leaves traces if you no longer want to use the wall mount (due to a move or a new model, for example).
  • Leaning the cordless vacuum cleaner against the wall every time means risk of tipping over. Putting the cordless vacuum cleaner down every time you want to quickly put something away means frequent bending.
  • Picking the individual attachments out of the packaging or box every time is really annoying.

Sure, these are all luxury problems. But housework can also be simple. So you just put the cordless vacuum cleaner including attachments into a stand like this one from Geekbes. No holes in the wall, easily convertible, and depending on the vacuum model, a way to visually get more out of a cleaning tool.

Geekbes stand for cordless vacuum cleaner all models

One for all

Listed here are the models that are “compatible” with the stand mount:

Although older models such as the Dreame V8 (which, however, only a few will have at home) or the Roidmi F8 are missing, it can be said as of February 2021: the stand mount is suitable for almost all top models that are still available and relevant.

Geekbes stand holder for Viomi V9 cordless vacuum cleaner
The battery is placed upside down in the holder.

Of course, as always with such devices rather to be classified as accessories, there are a variety of alternatives. There are many models in the same price range on Amazon (see above). But not all of them offer 7 accessory hooks and 1 basket for an additional battery. The stand looks metallic in the pictures, but an indication of the material used is missing and cannot be accurately judged at a distance. The stand needs to be placed near a power outlet so that you can charge the vacuum’s battery while it is in the stand. Depending on the model, this could be a bit unsightly hanging in the air.

Geekbes stand holder for cordless vacuum cleaner attachments
Up to 7 accessory hooks and a basket offers the Geekbes holder.

What cordless vacuum cleaners do you have at home? You don’t really still vacuum with a corded vacuum, do you?

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