GIIKER Supercube I3 – Smart Magic Cube for $29.99

Rubik’s Cubes or magic cubes from China are as old as the Internet mail order business itself. A particularly smart model is the Giiker Supercube i3. The magnetic magic cube is connected to the smartphone or computer and enables tracking of every single movement and many other functions such as tutorials and games.

Giiker Supercube i3 Magic Cube

In almost all stores and reviews you can also find the name “Xiaomi Giiker” or “Mijia Giiker”. As so often, this is because Xiaomi sells the cube in China, which is the reason for the very chic presentation. But the Xiaomi logo is not found on the cube. Also, don’t confuse it with the Giiker M3, which looks the same on the outside, but is an ordinary magic cube.

Giiker Supercube i3 Solve Magic Cube
Xiaomi delivers beautiful photos again – and still manages to accommodate its own products like the Amazfit Pace.

Just to mention the differences to a “normal” Rubik’s Cube: A Smart-Cube allows you to monitor your actions by sensors in the cube. The app Supercube (for Android and iOS) shows you all movements of the cube. In addition, the cube automatically takes your time.

So if you’re not already at a higher level and use the timers used in competitions for timing, but rather practice for yourself and want to improve your time, this method is quite practical.

Giiker Supercube i3 Magic Cube App

There are also a few puzzle games, which also require an understanding of the algorithms and help to sharpen this. The app is of course also a simple solution for competing against your friends.

Giiker Supercube i3 Magic Cube Duel
Who solves the cube faster?

Finally, of course, the processing of the cube is particularly important. Experience reports so far indicate that the Giiker Supercube i3 is quite loud, but can be used very well. The battery in the cube lasts up to 30 hours; the connection to the smartphone is of course established via Bluetooth.


As someone who tried his luck with the Rubik’s Cube I find the Supercube very interesting. I’ve never been on a competitive level in my time (not even close), but with the app I can try it out and maybe even improve my technique. In the end there is just the rather high price you pay for the fun – you get good cubes to practice for less.

What do experienced speedcubers say? And if you’ve never come into contact with the topic at all, what do you think?

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