New decoration from waste glass: Glass bottle cutter for $15.64

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Imagine you can turn your waste glass into a beautiful decoration that you can use for any occasion. So you can save the trip to the next deco store and get creative yourself. The glass bottle cutter lets you get one step closer to your new decoration.

Glass bottle cutter with bottle

What is a glass bottle cutter?

The Glass Bottle Cutter consists of a screw clamp, a hook for clamping and several blades for cutting. All these materials are made of metal. The cutter body is made of plastic and is available in yellow, blue, green and red. Also the tensioners of the screws and the hook are made of black plastic. The gadget measures 14,8 x 11,5 x 4 cm and weighs 365 g.

The clamp can be used to cut glass bottles with a diameter of at least 50 mm up to a maximum of 120 mm. These diameters correspond to beer, wine and champagne bottles.

Glass bottle cutter diameter
The adjustable clamp makes it possible to cut different bottles.

What can the glass bottle cutter do?

With the glass bottle cutter you can make DIY decoration. Who doesn’t know the cool chains of lights from bottle necks or vases and candlesticks made of waste glass? There are basically no limits to your creativity. Sure, you need glass, but then you can certainly make other decorative elements from it or realize gift ideas.

Glass bottle cutter process
At least on the photos the handling looks relatively uncomplicated.

Simply clamp the bottle and get started. After a few bottles you surely have a great decoration for the next party. One has little expenses, because only the glass bottle cutter hermuss. Less waste glass also means for you that you don’t have to go to the glass container or drive as much.

And in the end you have a nice decoration possibility:

Glass bottle cutter finished decoration
What can develop from old glass bottles. First drink then decorate.

“Upcycling” is the keyword here: turn old into new! In any case, the glass bottle cutter is a cool DIY gadget to recycle something from “garbage” yourself and use the result further. You improve your own ecological footprint and the money you would have used for new decoration can now be put into new, full bottles ?.

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