Useful (?) glasses against travel sickness for $13.88

Some time ago I had already seen these glasses in the shallows of the Internet and it comes how it must come: they are now also available in a similar version from the Far East. These glasses help all those who quickly suffer from travel sickness. And don’t worry, they don’t have to be worn the whole way.

Glasses against travel sickness

Travel nausea basically occurs when the inner ear and the eyes perceive different movements and send contradictory signals to the brain. Very simply put, really. This is how the brain thinks that one would move even though one is basically sitting statically in a means of transport. These glasses are intended to counteract this. For this it must be worn for a short period of time at the beginning of the journey, as soon as the nausea begins, usually 10 minutes are enough. This calibrates the brain to the movements and the nausea should be counteracted. If necessary the glasses can be put on again and again during the journey.

For this purpose, the glasses use the principle of a spirit level. It has four round openings, two to the front and two to the side, in which a blue liquid moves halfway. This levels itself out.

Glasses against travel sickness four openings

The individual spectacle parts are magnetically attached to each other and can be replaced if necessary.

Glasses against travel sickness Magnetic attachment

In addition, the glasses supposedly smell fresh and fruity. Can you believe all this? I don’t know. But for someone who knows how caustic travel sickness is, the glasses sound pretty tempting. Especially for the very reasonable price you could try that. How do you see it, could it work or are you rather skeptical?

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