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The manufacturer Govee attracted attention with its Ambilight clone and has been steadily expanding its product range ever since. With the Govee WiFi LED table lamp, the company wants to compete with the popular Xiaomi table lamps.

Govee WiFi LED Table Lamp

Packaging and scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is manageable with the most necessary items; only the table lamp, an AC adapter, the user manual and notes with a QR code for the app, nothing more. Unlike the Glide or Lyra, nothing is assembled here. In addition, as with all Govee lamps, most of the smart home compatibility is controlled via the Govee Home app (Android/iOS).

The package is well protected. Nothing wobbles or can break in case of a fall, even the lamp is protected inside again with styrofoam.

Smart lamp in candle design

While the design is rather secondary with the Govee Immersion Kit, the Flow Pro Lightbars and the RGB Strips, the table lamp puts a little more emphasis on the look. The lamp is 9.4 cm high and has a diameter of 15.5 cm. The exterior is somewhat reminiscent of a candle, after all, the plastic housing protrudes a bit, similar to a scented candle, and the interior looks “filled”.

Is it a cereal bowl? Is it a candle? No! It’s a lamp.

The Govee table lamp can be placed both straight and at an angle, which allows the two feet on the back. So you can use the candle as active or passive light. I like the standing version a bit more, but that’s probably a matter of taste. Let’s come back to the back side. There you can find the only button of the lamp, through which you can control the lamp by hand.

Govee Table Lamp Appearance

You can switch on the light or set the lamp to standby with a three-second press. Switching between the color modes is also possible with a short press. Here you have the choice between eleven color modes. If you want to turn the lamp off completely, you have to press the button for ten seconds. As feedback, you get two briefly flashing blue lights. This way, you know that the lamp is really off.

Visually, I really like the lamp, it is a mixture of simplicity and elegance. On the lamp itself you will find with a button, micro and power connector only the most necessary for handling. Unfortunately, the Gove WiFi LED table lamp is susceptible to fingerprints and dust. Due to the design, the inner part of the lamp is curved downwards, so dust easily collects there.

Battery = more freedom?

Due to the small design and the integrated 3,350 mAh battery, the table lamp is portable. Govee promises a maximum runtime of five hours with the battery, but there is also a power-saving mode via the Govee app. The power cable is not permanently integrated and thanks to the 1.8 m cable length, you also have a bit more flexibility. Unfortunately, Govee still does not use USB-C. At least you don’t have a two-part cable like in Glide and RGBIC LED strips in the scope of delivery.

When charging, I noticed that a small LED for the charging status would be quite nice. Thus, you have to connect via the app to check the battery status. A bit cumbersome for my liking.

Quick and easy setup

As with the other Govee products, the WiFi LED table lamp can be controlled via Govee Home app (Android/iOS) and thus integrated into the smart home.

The device supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, though I prefer the Wi-Fi integration due to the flexibility of being able to access it from the road. As with most devices, this only works via the 2.4 GHz network. It is therefore important to turn off the 5GHz network for the integration, which is done via the router. After the integration, you can turn on the 5GHz network again and use it normally.

To set up the Govee light, it is best to search for the product with the product name H6058. This saves you a long search, which is really helpful. Afterwards, the button on the back has to be pressed briefly and you are connected. Finally, the WLAN password is missing and the whole thing is done! I was able to connect with one try without any problems. If you want, you can still change the name of the device. That way you can find the right light faster.


The music mode works via the microphone on the back. However, it has to be said that this only reacts to the volume of the environment. You can make other settings, so besides the color, you can also choose between the microphones on the Govee table lamp or on your phone.


For a calmer ambience, there is a color mode, there you can let the lamp shine in one color. This way, you can continuously set a suitable color and reproduce up to 16 million colors.

Govee Wifi LED Color

DIY – Do it Yourself

In the “Scene” mode, different preset color modes can be selected. There are different themes: So from Halloween, fireworks to campfires, there is something for most. In total, you can choose between 32 different scenes, some of which are different from other Govee lights.Govee Wifi LED DIY-1

The last of the four modes is the DIY mode. DIY stands for “Do It Yourself” and that is how it is structured. You can set the name, icon and group there. This saves you time searching if you have created several DIY effects. This is followed by the setting of the effect itself. Here you can set the color rendering, speed and the color itself.


With the “Timer” you can adjust the light to your daily rhythm. You can set up to four different commands, so you can say that the table lamp should turn on at 7am and turn off at 4:30pm. It would be nicer if you could expand this infinitely, so four choices are a bit few.

In addition, you can also use the lamp as a sleep aid or to wake up. There you can set a countdown, at which the lamp gradually darkens or brightens. Unfortunately, you can only automate waking up. Why?

The voice determines

For many, however, it might be more exciting that it can also be paired with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so that it responds to voice input. The setup is a bit tricky. In the Google Home app, you have to click on the “+” in the top left corner and then you can select “Compatible with device from Google”. Now you have to search for Govve Home and it is linked to Google Assistant.


The Govee WiFi LED table lamp is a chic little light that can be used in many ways. The scope of delivery is manageable, but thanks to the app control, no more is needed. The setup is really easy and even for inexperienced no witchcraft. With this, you can use the lamp to the fullest extent.

The battery is made with 4-5 hours even for evenings outside. Unfortunately, this is charged via the AC adapter, here I would have liked a battery charge with USB-C. The plastic casing is susceptible to dust and fingerprints due to its construction.

With a price of just under 66$, the lamp is a bit expensive. There are similar products like this table lamp for around $36. With the latter, Apple users can use the Home Kit and are similarly functionally equipped with the timer and a schedule.

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