Ordering from China: Finding the right China-Gadget

Since you’re reading this guide, you’ve probably realized that China offers a multitude of cool gadgets, knick-knacks, and low-priced tech-products. So, naturally, you’re now looking for a low-priced but high-quality alternative for Apple or Samsung or just on the hunt for unusual, yet fancy and useful gadgets.


Most of the time you don’t even know what to look for: Some gadgets are so innovative or funky, you probably don’t even know something like it even exists. And, when you’ve finally decided on a cool new product, you may ask yourself: With that many Chinese online-shops, where do I find the best price? That and many others are exactly the questions we would like to answer in our guides.

Our guide to finding the best gadgets

Finding the right China-Gadget

Starting from our main page, there are various ways of efficiently finding the right gadget for you. Of course: You can browse through the newest posts & articles, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, yet. But here’s a little assistance for the best search options for what you’re looking for:

Our Topics & Categories

Do you have a certain hobby or interest? Are you, say, looking for drones, 3D-printers or smartphones with matching guides and reviews? Than our topics & categories might be just the right thing for you: Our topics are filled with numerous relevant gadgets, products, and reviews, written by the respective experts.

The classic: Our Search Form

If you already know what kind of gadget you’re looking for or if you’re looking for something really specific or just an occasion (e.g. summer, Christmas, gifts, etc.) you might want to try the search form for best results. After you’ve typed in and searched for something, you’ll be presented with a list of fitting gadgets and the respective posts & reviews.

For instance: China-Gadgets search for the keyword ‘camera’ >>

Hint: If you don’t immediately find what you’re looking for, try synonyms or paraphrasing. RC-Gadgets could be called quadrocopter, quadcopter, drone, nanocopter or multicopter.

Excursion: PandaCheck – The China-Shops Search Engine

If by now, you haven’t been successful in finding anything or are just interested in looking through the various China-shops for your desired gadget, you can do so with our price comparison search engine PandaCheck. Just search for what you’re looking for – Our hardworking Panda will then compare over 140 different online shops for the best prices. You’re then free to sort by price, relevance or popularity.

PandaCheck - price comparison for China-Gadgets
Compare prices for Chinese shops quick & easy

… Or simply ask one of our experts

Sometimes, it’s just easier to simply ask one of us. Just drop your questions in the comment sections of similar gadgets. A lot of times us or the community know just the right gadget for you or simply got the information you’re looking for. We, as a community, love to help and passionately discuss our hobby: China-Gadgets!

Finding the right price for any Gadget

A big incentive for buying Chinese products is definitely the low price, especially when it comes to 3D printers, smartphones, and other tech-equipment. But how, exactly, do you get your desired gadget – As simple and safe as possible and for the best price?

First of all: If you find a gadget you like on our site you can be sure that, generally, we’ve already found the best price. We scan the web multiple times a day to find the best China-bargains and, by now, are experts at that. If you should still find a better price, let us know in the comments. We enjoy a lively community and are happy to add better prices if we should, by any chance, overlook them.

Wallet in a 100 Dollar Bill Design
Since we’re finding the best prices for you, you’ve got more money left for cool gadgets 😉

Round-Up of our Recommendations:

  • You’ll find the right gadgets if you…
    • … look through our topics & categories
    • … use our search form
    • … browse through our newest posts
    • … ask in the comment section of similar products
  • You’ll find the best price if you…
    • … follow the links in our posts, ’cause we’ve probably already found the best price!
    • … use PandaCheck to find your gadget

You’ve found a Gadget for the best price possible… What now?

When this is your first time ordering from China, you may have some reservations: What’s the safest way to pay? Which China-shops are legitimate? How long do I have to actually wait to get my eagerly anticipated gadget? Will my order make it through customs?

Don’t worry – We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences, tricks and hacks with you. And, like with every other post & review, we’d be more than happy if you’d leave your questions and suggestions in the comments.


If you buy a product via a link on this page, we often get a small commission for it. There are no additional costs for you. Where you buy a product is of course up to you.
Thank you for your support.

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