Hagibis charging dock for Switch and accessories for $13.18/£10.42/14,50€

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On long days you would like to switch off somehow, why not play a round of Mario Kart on the Switch? If it weren’t for the problem that you don’t know where you put the game or that the Joycons are empty again. So that everything around the Switch is ready at any time, there is the Hagibis charging dock.

HAGiBiS Charging Dock with Switch and Accessories

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The Hagibis charging dock offers space to store Switch games and can charge Joycons at the same time. The dock measures 22.4 x 6.4 x 1.2 cm, is completely black and is made of plastic.

You can charge up to four different Joycons at the same time on the long front. The Joycon is simply snapped into the charging port and starts charging. Make sure you plug the right Joycon into the right port, as there is either a plus or a minus on the side. An LED light on the charging ports indicates whether the Joycons are fully charged or still need a charge.

There is some space in the center to place the switch and connect it to one of two built-in USB-A ports. The Hagibis charging dock is powered via the other USB-A port. I don’t find this solution particularly successful because it means you have to have a USB-A to USB-A cable or a plug with a USB-C port. For charging, I find a USB-C port more coherent.

The Hagibis charging dock is rounded in a semicircle on one side and thus offers space to store up to nine different Switch games. The underside of the charging dock is rubberized, which prevents slipping or scratches on tables or other surfaces.

HAGiBiS Ladedock Switch Games

Assessment – Is the Hagibis charging dock convincing?

I like the compactness of the charging dock in addition to being able to directly solve several “problems” at once. Besides charging the Joycons, this offers space for stowing Switch games and can also be connected to the Switch. What I do not like is the power supply via the USB-A port, I would prefer a USB-C port. In the long run, I could also imagine that the processing of the dock will weaken due to plastic materials.

With a price of $13 per piece, the charging dock is a bit more expensive than many other charging stations. In return, however, you also get a few new options, such as for stowing the games. In the end, however, everyone should decide for themselves whether the surcharge for the Hagibis charging dock is worth the money or not.

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