The haircut stencil: Away with the annoying neck hair for $1.36

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A look in the mirror reveals that it’s been several weeks since your last haircut. What was a straight line a short time ago is now growing in all directions. Armed with mirror and razor, you start your next masterpiece, but how are you going to shave your neck with limited vision? Good thing you’re China Gadget readers, because we have the haircut stencil ready for you.

The gadget for a well-groomed neck

To start the way to your new hairstyle, all you have to do is strap the haircut template with the elastic band. Then align it and take a suitable razor in your hand. Whether such a simple disposable razor will be enough for you, you probably know best. Then it can start and you can shave away the hair underneath the stencil and within a few minutes you should be done.

Even if the gadget should allow a clean shave without help, if you don’t have eyes on the back of your head and want to be absolutely sure, get a second person to do it. A disadvantage is of course that there is only this one shape, but maybe we’ll just make the China Gadgets look out of it.

Finally a little tip. I think that the stencil is similar to a superhero mask. With a little bit of plastic you can already make the first part for your next carnival or Halloween costume. A real multifunctional gadget!

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