Worthy of the God of Thunder! Hammer water bottle for $11.99

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You always wanted to feel like you were part of the Avengers? With this Hammer water bottle you can! Prove to Thor, the God of Thunder, that you are worthy to swing Mjolnir and impress everyone in the gym!

Hammer water bottle at AliExpress for $11.99

Hammer water bottle at Amazon for $18.99 (activate 5% coupon)

With 1.7 l capacity, enough water or other liquids for your workout fits in this bottle. The material is, as with most bottles, a plastic, namely PETG. Therefore the bottle is unfortunately not suitable for freezing or filling with hot drinks. However, this is bearable if you really only need it during sports, you rather take cool refreshments.

The bottle is 27 cm high and 13 cm wide. Due to its unusual shape it is probably quite difficult to stow in a normal backpack, but it might still fit easily into the Xiaomi backpack. But the bottle neck is long enough to carry it in your hand, and because of its flat shape it should never tip over when you put it down.

So if you want to feel like a real superhero during training, take a look here! But if you want the Marvel-fantasy to be limited to your own four walls, you can reach for the superhero cups.

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