Happy Life: 3 in 1 fan, lamp & humidifier for $26.99

The Happy Life 3 in 1 fan provides the right cooling, especially in summer. It is designed as a table fan for the home and also serves as a humidifier and lamp. Finally a real gadget again!

Fan, humidifier and LED lamp in one

Xiaomi is known for a lot more than just smartphones, and in this case it offers a new gadget under the sub-brand Happy Life (part of the Xiaomi ecosystem). The main function of this gadget is the fan, which works completely without rotor blades. Instead, the air is sucked in from below, which is also intended to increase safety. This will certainly not give you the draft that a real fan creates, but it will probably be enough for your desk.

The fan works without rotor blades

The fan is powered by a USB cable, which is included in the delivery. You can choose between three different speed levels, whereby the fan will be 40 db loud at most. By the way, the integrated lamp is just an LED ring, which can’t replace a desk lamp. As a small illumination for the keyboard, but it can’t hurt in the evening.

The third function is the integrated humidifier. Here you can fill up to 60 ml of liquid, which is then distributed directly in the room thanks to the fan function. The container is enough for up to three hours of operation, but you can also find a version with 300 ml capacity at AliExpress. You can find the right oils for filling the container at Amazon.

All features at a glance

A quick note about the dimensions: the fan is quite handy with 14 x 14 x 23 cm and weighs 550 grams. At the front side, there are two buttons for the operation, of which the upper one controls the fan itself. At the bottom, you can control the humidifier and the LED by pressing it for a short or long time.

Evaluation & Alternatives

As a gadget, the fan is certainly a nice idea, although you could probably do without the LED ring. At just under $30, the model is not cheap for its size, but you can expect quality from Happy Life as a brand of the Xiaomi ecosystem.

If you’re just looking for a small hand fan for the summer, you’ll probably be happier with the TaoTronics model. But you can also find all other models from the $1 gadget to the more than $100 fan. So there is the right product for every purse.

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