Wingardium Leviosa: Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Wands from $3.36

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This might be a great gift idea for Christmas: Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast Wands from AliExpress from $3.36.

If the Harry Potter music box from another article wasn’t enough for you, we now have supplies for all Harry Potter fans. This time it will even be magical, because the Chinese have imported magic wands from Diagon Alley. Also the wands of some legendary magicians.

Magic wands with casket

buy Harry Potter Wands at AliExpress from $3.36

Even if the casting of the known spells will remain unsuccessful, the wands look amazingly detailed in the pictures. So we as Muggles can at least admire them. After all, no matter what season of the year carnival, Christmas, Halloween or the next cosplay is not far away.

Magic Wand Overview
So many possibilities

The wands are approx. 37 cm long and are made of PVC plastic. They are packed in a box which is lined with a fabric. Therefore they are suitable also as a beautiful gift for a Harry Potter fan. The selection is amazingly large, we find the sticks of Harry, Hermione and Ron but also Fleur and Krum’s magic wand have found their way into the Muggle world. If you’re a fan of the newer stories around Newt Scamander, you won’t go away empty-handed.

Newt Scamander Wand

With the large selection possibility it is really difficult to decide. But why not order more than one? Which of the wands is your favourite?

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    # 20.11.18 um 14:37

    Duane Clingings

    These are must. I must get them for my wife. Since she is not a muggle.

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