Price update: Heart-shaped bicycle backlight for $1.99

The bicycle light is not only suitable for bicycles! Even if you don’t really want to do that to your dog. For other purposes you can get this companion for $1.99 from AliExpress.

Heart-shaped bicycle backlightThis romantic accessory for the bicycle saddle is not only the perfect Valentine’s Day present (sorry, you are too late this year), but also for Mother’s Day or even Christmas. Depending on when it arrives, there is always a suitable occasion for the Heart-shaped bicycle backlight.

Heart-shaped bicycle backlight

What looks like the showpiece of a course for prospective urologists is actually advertised as “heart”; in some places I read that it is also excellently suited as room decoration. Then why not just hang it on the Christmas tree? To the railing, the curtain rail, the possibilities are limitless. The effect under the bar stool is particularly beautiful.

Heart-shaped bicycle backlight flashing

The tail light is made of silicone and is about 15cm long, but because of the material it is correspondingly elastic. It is attached by pulling the “heart” through the loop provided; I think this can be seen well in the picture above.

Whether the light in non-flashing mode (there is) passes as a taillight? Believe me, I sincerely hope so, but I would not rely on that. But I would be curious to talk to the traffic policeman.

Inside there are two button batteries (which are included, of course). The gadget is also waterproof, making it suitable for use in the rain. Who knows, perhaps the trend in bicycle (and generally outdoor) lighting will go in this direction in the future.

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Comments (15)

  • 28.04.18 um 19:23


    I’m just going to say it, these look like nut sacks.

  • 28.04.18 um 19:23


    I’m just going to say it, these look like a scrotum.

  • 29.04.18 um 12:21


    I was thinking the same thing

  • 29.04.18 um 18:29


    I’ll take four of those just for the days when I argue with my wife

  • 29.04.18 um 21:29


    I don’t think these mean what they think they mean

  • 30.04.18 um 19:47


    It’s the hanging balls like you see on trucks just minus the grooves to simulate wrinkles. Heart shaped I’ll have to remember for when I get told off by a soccer mom though…

  • 01.05.18 um 14:16


    Just imagine.. a Lycra-Clad road warrior on a treddly with a matching set of exposed nads glowing in the night.
    Deadset I’d have to pull over to stop laughing

  • 20.05.18 um 23:19


    @Phil: balls

  • 01.07.18 um 06:28


    Lol OMG you don’t know how many years it took me to stop my son from drawing his hearts upside down. I read the description and just thought, wow!

  • 08.07.18 um 06:49


    Balls, nuts, scrotum… outback truckers hang something just as disgusting off their vehicles.

  • 09.02.19 um 13:42


    Balls deep!

  • 21.02.19 um 01:35


    Why do all these Muppets have it down like the ones holding it in there hand? If they want to show it off as being a heart, at least turn it up the right way and as for hanging this thing in a Christmas tree, lol funniest thing ever. 😂

  • 21.02.19 um 01:39


    @Shin: Couldn’t stop laughing at this comment. 👍

  • 03.03.19 um 20:27

    Trevor Adam

    Honestly looks like a pair of balls

  • 28.03.19 um 19:34

    Steve Marx

    My dog would look so cute with a ballbag hanging from it’s neck…

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