Heat sensitive coffee cup in Tetris and Pac Man design from $7.49

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Nothing makes the morning better than a cup of coffee on the balcony or terrace. Even if the weather doesn’t play along at the moment, of course, the matching cup must be provided, because the boring grey cup or one with weird imprint doesn’t do us justice with China gadgets of course. For all retrogamers there is now a heat sensitive Tetris cup and the same principle can be found in the Pac-Man cup.

Heat sensitive coffee cup tetris

Neither shop has a very good description, but the material is of course ceramics. However, this cup should never end up in the microwave or dishwasher, because this would destroy the imprint and the great effect. The cups hold about 325 ml and thus probably correspond to the understanding of a large cup of coffee.

Heat sensitive coffee cup pac-man

The tetris cup is definitely a cool gadget and if it keeps what is promised, the price doesn’t really bother. The same kind of heat sensitive cup is used in the Gameboy cup. If you’re more into different kinds of cups, we have the Prescription Coffee Mug, Ctrl, Alt, Del-Key cups, a magic unicorn cup or the basketball mug. For the lazy people among us, we even have a self stirring Mug or for the playful, the build a brick mug 🙂

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