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Smart home is becoming an increasingly important part of our homes. Here you can find all the information, reviews and other household gadgets.
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If you want to warm up and enjoy a meal cooked the day before with your partner or a guest, the microwave is a great option. But then you always have to wait! If you no longer want to do that, but just want to start eating at the same time, then take a look at this microwave etagere.

Bedspread clip colors

Everyone knows the days when nothing works, first you try in vain to find a good sleeping position and then the lining is so strangely warped in the comforter cover due to constant rolling that you have to cover the comforter again. So that this no longer happens, there are so-called bedspread clips that hold the lining and the comforter cover together.

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Here, everything revolves around technology that is intended for your home. This includes cordless vacuum cleaners as well as other household aids or the rare but ever-present furniture at China-Gadgets. If you think of home furnishings when you think of a gadget, you'll probably find it here.

The large and exciting area of "Smart Home" also falls into this category. Whether smart window sensors, sockets or thermostats, lamps and LEDs or smart fans in the summer and smart radiators in the winter - we extensively review this and much more for you.

We also answer many questions such as: What does smart home actually mean? How do I use the Xiaomi Mi Home app? Which battery vacuum cleaner should I buy? In various guides on the subject of smart home, we inform you in detail.

Another important area in this theme world: the kitchen! There are numerous small and large kitchen appliances and household helpers, from funny ice cube molds and smart grill tongs to mixers and refrigerators. It's unbelievable what good and inexpensive alternatives are now available from China.