Honor Watch Magic: “Smartwatch” of the Huawei daughter for $149.99

As part of the official presentation of Honor Magic 2, the Huawei subsidiary has presented another gadget: the Honor Watch Magic. But is it a real Smartwatch or just pretending to be?

Honor Watch Magic Smartwatch

Nice on the outside…

Gadgets like the Honor Band 4 of the manufacturer show that you are no longer a beginner in the field of wearables. The expertise is also noticeable with the new Smartwatch, because optically one gets a noble clock offered here. At first glance, you could easily mistake it for a “normal” men’s wristwatch. Of course, the centre of attention in a Smartwatch is the display. With a diameter of 1.2 inches, this is somewhat smaller than, for example, with the Ticwatch E, with 1.4 inches.

Honor Watch Magic Display

This is an AMOLED display, a popular choice for Smartwatches. Due to the quite high resolution of 390 x 390 pixels, it has a pixel density of 326 ppi. The display is surrounded by a tachymeter which, like most of the clock, is made of stainless steel (316 L). The Honor Watch Magic is available in two colour versions: black-red and silver-brown. The Honor Watch Magic meets the criteria of the ATM 5 standard.

Honor Watch Magic colors

The two versions differ not only in appearance, but also in the material used for the bracelet. The black version is available with a silicone strap, the brown version with a leather strap. If you don’t like the bracelet, it’s no problem to change it quickly and easily!

…not so nice on the inside

So far, so good. What Honor thought about the hardware equipment, however, surprises us. The CPU is the ARM M4-SoC with two cores, 16 MB RAM and 128 Megabyte internal memory! Considering the price and how much memory you get from the competition, this is a really disappointing value. This gives the impression that the term “Smartwatch” is a little out of place. So you can forget to save music files on the clock or to download additional apps.

Also the battery capacity is quite low. With 178 mAh, the pure capacity is not even half as big as that of the competition. Honor promises however a battery running time of up to 7 days with switched on pulse measurement. Without this even two weeks should be in it. Experience has shown that the manufacturer’s specifications are always a bit high in this respect. How does Honor estimate this?

Honor Watch Magic Fitness

This is probably because you have Huawei or Honors own proprietary operating system pre-installed. “LightOS” is the name and the name is the program. The operating system concentrates mainly on fitness tracker functions. Finally Honor integrates various sports modes like indoor and outdoor jogging, hiking, swimming or cycling. In order to collect the corresponding data, Honor integrates a GPS, GLONASS & GALILEO module and a heart rate monitor on the underside of the watch case.

Honor Watch Magic NFC

But the watch is not only useful for sports. Thanks to the integrated NFC module you can use AliPay, Google Pay is probably not supported. You can also get notifications from your smartphone. The connection to the smartphone is of course via Bluetooth, in this case via Bluetooth 4.2. The operating system can also be used in different languages, but does not support SIM cards.


Maybe you noticed that I put the term “Smartwatch” in quotation marks here. A real Smartwatch is the Honor Watch Magic in my eyes apparently not. At the moment we can only judge the watch from a distance, the closed operating system and the extremely small memory suggest that it is rather a “Fitness-Watch”. And unfortunately we have to say that other manufacturers offer much cheaper alternatives with better features.

That’s why we believe that one could almost do without a test or do you disagree?

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