HOTO Battery Hot Glue Gun with 2,000 mAh Battery from China

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Like many other manufacturers, the manufacturer HOTO also belongs to the Xiaomi Youpin universe and first caught our eye with the rangefinder. The HOTO battery hot glue gun is at least similarly stylish.

HOTO battery hot glue gun

Stylish design & USB-C charging

The design of the hot glue gun is very unexciting, but relatively chic without being particularly eye-catching. It consists smoothly half of white and the other half of gray plastic, the HOTO logo is discreetly placed. The trigger turns out relatively large and is somewhat reminiscent of a garden hose’s watering spray. It is 12.7 cm high and 13.5 cm long in this case. The actual glue is inserted at the back and there seem to be ten glue sticks in the scope of delivery, which measure 7 mm in diameter and 12.5 cm in length. There is also a transparent protective cap for the hot nozzle at the front.

HOTO hot glue gun application

But why import a hot glue gun? Why not just use the standard device from the discount store for much less money? Keyword: rechargeable battery. Unlike a conventional hot glue gun, this one is a bit more portable, as HOTO installs a 2,000 mAh battery. That should be enough to glue about 100 m of glue at a time. Charging is via USB-C, as it should be.

HOTO battery hot glue gun USB-C
USB-C. Nice.

True to the motto “repair instead of buy”, broken cups can be glued back together with the hot glue gun, for example. We don’t need to explain that to you here. However, it has to be preheated for about 30 seconds. The battery hot glue gun turns off automatically after three minutes and he controls the temperature. Thanks to the design, no hot glue should be able to escape.


In addition to its simple, yet chic look, the HOTO cordless hot glue gun is interesting thanks to its rechargeable battery, which makes it a bit more mobile to use. But of course, there are also battery hot glue guns other manufacturers, some even significantly cheaper. However, none of them has USB-C, you have to hand that to the HOTO model.

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