HOTO Rangefinder with Xiaomi Home App Connection for 26,80€/$33.29

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Rangefinders that replace folding rulers and tape measures with the help of a laser are nothing new. The HOTO rangefinder comes with a stylish case, Xiaomi Home app connection and USB-C charging port. A useful overall package?

HOTO rangefinder product image

OLED display & USB-C charging port

HOTO Rangefinder USB-C

In terms of shape, the rangefinder is a small black box with an orange hole in the middle, where you can hold the meter. At the same time, the size compared to other models turns out to be really small at 33.2 x 73.0 x 16.8 mm. However, this also makes it very portable and it can even be carried in the pants pocket. The front features an OLED display, which almost looks like an e-paper display in the pictures. On the side, there is a button to trigger the measurement and a USB-C charging port.

HOTO rangefinder leading and trailing edge

To start a measurement, you first select whether you want to measure with the leading or trailing edge of the rangefinder. Then point the red laser at the spot you want to measure and press the trigger button. The measured distance appears on the screen. An accuracy of ± 2 mm is promised and the maximum range is 30 m.

Connection to the Xiaomi Home app

Those who have now connected their smartphone to the rangefinder will also get the measured value stored there directly in an app. For this, the Xiaomi Home app (iOS / Android) is used, which some here surely already know. In this app, not only the values are saved, but you can also link these values with labels, pictures and sketches.

HOTO Rangefinder App

On the one hand there is the possibility to give a name to the measurement to be able to order it better. You can also take a picture of the measured object and draw its dimensions. You can also create a quick map of the room that dynamically adapts to the measured dimensions.


Actually a simple device, which also takes the job of the notepad through the app. If you look at models on Amazon, you have to pay more for an app there. However, if you don’t need an app, you can certainly get along well with another device. As long as the measurement is really accurate, you certainly have a practical gadget here.

Do you still use a tape measure or are you already equipped with a rangefinder?

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