Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Fitness Tracker for $49.28

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Huami, who work closely with Xiaomi, have created with Amazfit their own series of smart watches and bracelets. At first glance, the Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Fitness Tracker looks like a hybrid of both, because despite the classic look of a fitness bracelet, it has a touch display. Why it really is a hybrid and what you can expect from this Amazfit, we show you here in the review.

Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Display

Technical Specifications

Product nameAmazfit Midong
Product NumberA1702
Display1.23 inch color LCD 80 x 160p
Internal memoryn.a.
Bluetooth4.1 BLE connection
AppMi Fit App for Android 4.4+ | iOS 8.0+
Battery170 mAh, 7-12 days standby
Protection certificationno IP certification, 5 ATM
Featurespedometer, heart rate monitor, alarm clock, call notification
Weight32 g (with bracelet)

Scope of delivery

Let’s start from scratch. When the package from China finally arrives, you can expect the white packaging typical for Huami. There is nothing more than the Amazfit logo on the front and a model sticker on the back. Inside, it remains similarly minimalist. We get the Amazfit Cor, a USB charging cable with magnet end and a manual in English. They also tell us “Move Beautifully”, apparently the slogan of Huami Amazfit.

Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Packaging

Design – another fitness tracker

In principle, Huami is not breaking new ground here, and the tracker corresponds to the familiar design of smart bands. It is also similar to the Amazfit Arc, but in our opinion it is even more refined. The transition between wristband and display is significantly softer, the tracker fits seamlessly into the strap. In the side view the Amazfit Midong is more like the Mi Band 2, the “frame” of the actual tracker is made of stainless steel, the band itself is made of PC plastic.

Huami Amazfit Cor Midong on hand

The Huami Amazfit Cor is protected against water and can withstand a pressure of 5 ATM. It can take showers and sweat, but you shouldn’t swim with it. IP certification is not specified.

Touchscreen display in 1:2 format

The touch display, which can also display colors, is striking. Moreover, at 1.23 inches it is significantly larger than the Amazfit Arc. The resolution of the display is 80 x 160p and has a ratio of 1:2. the display has the big advantage that the colors of the icons are really sharp and colorful. This makes navigating through the menu much more fun. There are also no complaints about the touch sensitivity of the touch screen.

While the actual quality of the screen is really good, the size or format is the real problem. At least this is noticeable with notifications, which unfortunately are displayed unpleasantly. I like that much better with the Huami Amazfit Bip. The other menu items are much better adapted to the display format, such as the weather display.

Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Notifications

Nevertheless, the display performs worse in our test This is because it is not an “Always on” display like the gdp. The Amazfit Bip always shows the time. The Midong Fitness Tracker has to be brought out of sleep by pressing the touch-sensitive button to elicit information from the screen. In strong sunshine, you also need the highest brightness level to easily read the display.

Mi Fit – the right app

Like the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and the corresponding Huami Amazfit products, the Amazfit Cor runs in conjunction with the Mi Fit App. Connecting App and Cor is easy. Simply download the Mi Fit app (iOS and Android), add a new device and search for the Amazfit Cor under “Band”. Then it gets a pairing request on the display, which of course has to be confirmed. The connection is established and you can set up the Fitness Tracker.

If you already have a Mi Band 2 or other Amazfit device, the Mi Fit app surely looks familiar to you. All settings for the tape can be made here.

Features of the Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Fitness Tracker

To preempt this, the functionality is almost identical to that of the Huami Amazfit Bip. Therefore, we only briefly list what the functional scope contains and where the differences lie.
The usual package of functions is available without major innovations or surprises. The band serves as a pedometer and heart rate monitor, so you can track the distance and measure your heart rate. Both can also be tracked via app and displayed in statistics so that changes can be observed over several days and weeks.

Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Display

The tracker also works as a sleep tracker, you can also follow the results in the app. The tape also informs you about incoming messages and calls on your smartphone, and serves as a clock and alarm clock. Another nice feature is the weather display, which provides you with maximum temperatures and weather forecast for a total of five days. Also on board is the DND mode (Do not disturb), which I consider to be a really practical extra.

Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Weather

In addition, the Cor offers a sports mode that can be activated via the tracker itself. If you want to select one of the four modes (jogging, treadmill, cycling, running), you have to start the Mi Fit app and select the respective mode above. Since the Huami Amazfit Cor Midong does not have an integrated GPS module, you are dependent on your smartphone anyway.

Battery not as strong as hoped for

Like the whole watch, the battery capacity is between Mi Band 2 and Amazfit Bip. At 170 mAh, it is even more than twice as large as the Arc or Mi Band 2, although this is also required for the powerful color display. The stated maximum standby time of 12 days is not unusually high, but is in line with our experience. Within one day we consume about 10 %, even at the highest brightness. So the Cor can’t get the great battery life of the Mi Band 2 or the Amazfit Bip. Nevertheless we still find almost two weeks very solid!

Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Fitness Tracker Battery

The battery is charged with the included USB cable. This is connected to the Huami Amazfit Cor Midong with a magnetic 2-pin connector. There is no charger included. A full charge takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Amazfit Cor – between Mi Band 2 & Amazfit Bip

Interesting is how the Chinese, in the case Huami, actually serves every price category. The Huami Amazfit Cor Fitness Tracker is located between the very affordable Mi Band 2 and the more expensive Huami Amazfit Bip. Both in terms of price and range of functions. I like the touch screen, the design and the processing. The range of functions including DND mode are also identical to the Amazfit Bip. So if you want a more stylish Mi Band 2, you are welcome to strike here.

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