News Huami Amazfit GTS: Smartwatch with sharper display than Apple Watch 4

Apple or Huami? After the Huami Amazfit GTR the next Smartwatch of the manufacturer is already coming. The Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch looks suspicious after the Apple-Watch. Did they only “steal” or bring in their own ideas?

Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Technical data of the Huami Amazfit GTS

Huami Amazfit GTS
Display 1,65″ AMOLED, 348 x 442 p, 326 ppi, GorillaGlass 3
Colours Black, Gold, Rosé, Blue, Grey, Red
Battery 220 mAh, 14 days running time
Connectivity Bluetooth 5, GPS + GLONASS, NFC
App compatibility Android 5, iOS 10
Water resistance ATM 5
Dimensions | Strap | weight 43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm | 20 mm | 24.8 g

Bold Apple Watch 4 copy?

The reason why a new Apple Watch was originally assumed is obvious at first glance. The new Huami Amazfit Smartwatch looks almost 1:1 like the current Apple Watch Series 4. It is a watch with a rounded, “square” screen. Apple has perfected this look a bit with the current generation, as the display is larger and the corners are not quite as rounded. However, the function key of the GTS is not located at the top right of the side, but centrally on the side.

Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch case

Huami relies on a 1.65″ AMOLED display with a resolution of 348 x 442 pixels. This not only makes the screen bigger than the Huami Amazfit GTR (47 mm), but also sharper than the Cupertino company’s watch. The display has a higher pixel density than the “original”. Although the 341 ppi pixel density of the GTS is not much higher than the 326 ppi of the Apple Watch 4, it is enough to advertise with it. The panel even protects Huami with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3, the 2.5 D glass is slightly rounded on the sides.

Huami Amazfit Smartwatch GTS Display

The watch case is made of aluminium, the 20 mm bracelet of course made of silicone, which is especially advantageous for athletes. Without the strap you get a weight of 24.8 g, which makes the watch relatively light. With dimensions of 43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm, it is comparable in size to the Apple Watch 4 44 mm, even though the Watch 4 has a slightly larger display. It is pleasing that the Huami Amazfit GTS is protected against water according to the ATM 5 classification. So showering and swimming is no problem.

Huami Amazfit Smartwatch GTS Colours

The Amazift GTS also looks good optically. The watch is available in six different colours, but the colours refer almost exclusively to the straps. The silicone watch bands are available in black, grey, blue, red, rosé and beige/gold. The aluminium case of the latter two is also coloured accordingly, while the other Colorways appear to be coming onto the market with a black or grey body.

Huami Amazfit GTS with 14 days battery life

t doesn’t seem to be a “real” Smartwatch, but rather a sports smartwatch like the Amazfit Stratos or the Amazfit GTR. After all, the manufacturer doesn’t use any internal memory, so there’s no App Store like on a Ticwatch C2 with WearOS. However, this has a positive effect on battery life. Inside is a 220 mAh battery, which is probably charged via a magnetic cable. Amazfit promises a battery life of 14 days with “normal” use, without Bluetooth, heart rate monitor and GPS are probably up to one and a half months. With permanently activated GPS you can only do about 24 hours.

Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch on the arm

Bluetooth 5 is available for the connection with the smartphone, but there is no WiFi chip. GPS and GLONASS are used to determine the position, and NFC is even integrated for Chinese users. This can be used there for public transport tickets, unfortunately other countries cannot use this function.

Huami Amazfit Smartwatch GTS Design

For the different sports modes, the GTS offers almost the same sensory equipment as the GTR. These include an optical BioTracker heart rate monitor, a 6-axis acceleration sensor, an air sensor and a geomagnetic sensor.

Range of functions

The watch is especially interesting for athletes. You get a total of 12 sports modes, but some of them differ only slightly. These include of course a jogging mode (indoor, outdoor), a walking mode, cycling (indoor, outdoor), swimming, stepping, skiing or free training. In the respective modes, corresponding data are analyzed, such as distance, speed or calorie consumption. There is also sleep tracking or motion memory.

Like the other Amazfit Smartwatches, the GTS will probably also offer typical clock functions such as the weather display, music control, alarm and notifications.

Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch Interface
As can be seen here, the individual modules on the Watchface should be freely assignable/exchangeable.

The operating system and the interface are really new. There are probably more than 100 different watchfaces, but the view can partly be individualized. So there are probably five modules on the watchface, which you can display and determine yourself, where they are located and what they should display. Especially the possibility to control your Watchface yourself should be a big advantage compared to other Amazfit watches. But how exactly this will look in practice, we will have to wait and see.


The aggressive marketing of Huami and Xiaomi and the bashing against Apple is nothing new for the Chinese, but you have to follow his words with deeds. The new Huami Amazfit Smartwatch seems to live up to this claim. We like the design very much. A sharp display with customizable watchfaces is a unique selling point. The Amazfit GTR almost has all the other features, hence the similar name.

If and when the Huami Amazfit GTS is officially available in Europe is still unknown. In China the clock costs 899 Yuan, which corresponds to approx. $126. With an import you have to expect a price of $150. But first we should wait for a global version. What do you think of the new Smartwatch? Do you like the design or are you a fan of the classic watch design?

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Comments (6)

  • Profile picture from Jonpaul
    18.08.19 um 03:09


    Nice one Huami. Apple is
    Over priced and over rated JPS

  • Profile picture from law
    20.08.19 um 18:37



  • Profile picture from Steven Henson
    01.09.19 um 12:08

    Steven Henson

    Yes I think I would be willing to buy one for myself and my son and his wife I think they would be thrilled to death did it come in different colors the bands and could you really order one if you really wanted to I guess you can shoot that hundred and fifty huh

  • Profile picture from SashaKaay
    01.09.19 um 13:20


    Looks really good.I was decided to buy Amazfit Bip because of the all the functions and most of all-battery life.

  • Profile picture from Shantanu Singh
    02.09.19 um 13:08

    Shantanu Singh

    Couldn't agree more with jon Paul. Apple makes a killing from its customers when selling a device and then has them by the balls in a manner of speaking, as they can't go anywhere else for spares and repairs.

    This is the only company in the world that will sell you a $3000 + mac, imac, macbook Pro and then charge you more than that if you happen to have a problem with the product. It's ridiculous that they do that and are allowed to keep doing this to customers. Imagine my macbook Pro needs a display, they'll ask for $1300 or more for just that. Ie screen replacement and labour. They'll say it is beyond economic repair and offer a refurbished one as replacement which they must have obtained for free in fact after the customer is charged for a replacement.

  • Profile picture from The Ferreira
    03.09.19 um 23:00

    The Ferreira

    where can i buy one imported to England? gearbest or anywhere yet??

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