Huami Amazfit X: the Smartwatch of the future in crowdfunding

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Remember the Amazfit X? The concept smartwatch is in crowdfunding at the Indiegogo platform. You can get it in an early bird offer for $149. This means that we have a release coming up. Furthermore, new information is finally available, which we have added to the text.

Of course we will try to get a test copy. What do you expect from Amazfit X and do you like this futuristic design?

At the launch event of Huami, the Huami Amazfit GTS and the Huami Amazfit X were presented. This is supposed to appear in 2020, but looks more like a Smartwatch from the year 2030.

Huami Amazfit X Smartwatch

Curved 2,08″ AMOLED Display

This is mainly due to the design. The Amazfit X adapts the look of the Nubia Alpha in a certain way, but looks much more filigree. The wearable manufacturer uses a curved 2,07″ AMOLED display, which is not square or round, but elongated. You bend the display at an angle of 92° over the imaginary arm without sacrificing the usual quality of the display panel. The pixel density of 326 ppi is remarkable.

Huami Amazfit X Display


To make this design possible, the glass was bent using temperatures of over 700°C. The glass is set in the metal case of the watch, so plastic is largely avoided. The rest of the strap, however, is made of silicone to make it comfortable to wear. It is also interesting that there are no function keys at all. The operation is either done through the touch screen or through the capacitive touch sensor on the side.

But not only the glass or the display had to be bent for this look. The battery also had to be adapted. A bent lithium-ion battery is used for this, which is supposed to guarantee a runtime of seven days. The Smartwatch is charged via a magnetic charging cable, which of course was also adapted to the special shape of the wristband.

Huami Amazfit X battery life

As with virtually every average fitness tracker, a heart rate monitor is of course also integrated. The heart rate is measured continuously and Amazfit advertises by integrating a larger sensor than usual. As with the more expensive Smartwatch, such as the Huami Amazfit GTS, GPS and even GLONASS have been integrated. In addition, there are a total of 9 sport modes, whereby a swimming mode is also integrated. This is possible because the Amazfit X is protected against water according to the ATM 5 classification. In addition, there are familiar fitness tracker functions such as sleep tracking, notifications, timers and various watchfaces.

Huami Amazfit X prototype
A first look at a prototype of the Amazfit X.


The Amazfit X certainly looks very interesting, but we are still a bit sceptical. What are the advantages of the design? The display of notifications in particular is therefore not optimal. With this design, the watch also looks a bit more fragile. Nevertheless, we are currently looking at a test device because the design is finally “new” and very interesting than the next standard fitness tracker. What do you expect from the Huami Amazfit X? Do you like the design?

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Comments (16)

  • Profile picture from Empty
    # 04.09.19 um 04:15


    -The watch looks cool with a design match for many persons. I wonder is it comes with a different color option aswell?

    • Profile picture from Guest
      # 10.05.20 um 22:37


      @Empty: -The watch looks cool with a design match for many persons. I wonder is it comes with a different color option aswell?

      Yeah you can buy it in black, black and red black…if you type in gear fit 2 pro youlle find the colors

  • Profile picture from shaveer khan
    # 05.09.19 um 06:13

    shaveer khan

    What's the price and how to get this?

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      # 07.09.19 um 12:37

      Thorben CG team

      @shaveer khan: It is not available yet, we will have to be patient until 2020. Then it will be available in the typical shops, I guess.

  • Profile picture from IGOR MIHAIC
    # 05.09.19 um 16:53


    Look cool

  • Profile picture from Go Joe Gadget
    # 07.09.19 um 11:30

    Go Joe Gadget

    It looks awesome. Would like to know how much and when will it be available?

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      # 07.09.19 um 12:38

      Thorben CG team

      @Go Joe Gadget: The manufacturer says it will be released in 2020, so we don't have any specific information on that yet. I think it will be about $200, but that is hard to predict.

  • Profile picture from shewie1
    # 09.09.19 um 08:10


    Yes how much is this pls

  • Profile picture from devil
    # 16.10.19 um 12:54

    devil's advocate

    No cost? I'll take them all.

  • Profile picture from Catalin
    # 23.11.19 um 18:18


    I like the design, it's more "organic", but also Samsung Gear Fit 2 and 2 Pro have curved Amoled display, so what is so special with Amazfit X?
    GPS and minimum 4GB memory it is "must have", I quess.
    Seven days of battery life will be something… more over 2 days (Gear Fit 2 and 2 Pro).
    I'll wait the release date.

  • Profile picture from tokdalik
    # 15.02.20 um 06:41


    Hv HR sensor or not?
    Hv gps or not?
    How much price?

  • Profile picture from Dawn Hubberstry
    # 23.03.20 um 07:49

    Dawn Hubberstry

    It’s almost the ending of March 2020
    Does anyone know where I can get one or order one n the price of it. I really want this but i can’t find out the info I am looking for Please help

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      # 24.03.20 um 13:38

      Thorben CG team

      @Dawn Hubberstry: We will keep you updated. Due to the Coronavirus a lot of new products had to be postponed. We dont have an exact release day but it will come sometime, I guess.

  • Profile picture from Ashley Daninck
    # 29.04.20 um 00:15

    Ashley Daninck

    It is available for purchase on Indiegogo right now

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      # 29.04.20 um 14:26

      Thorben CG team

      Thanks for letting us know Ashley, I updated the article 🙂

  • Profile picture from John Doe
    # 31.10.20 um 06:24

    John Doe


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