News Huami Amazfit X: the Smartwatch of the future?

At the launch event of Huami, the Huami Amazfit GTS and the Huami Amazfit X were presented. This is supposed to appear in 2020, but looks more like a Smartwatch from the year 2030.

Huami Amazfit X Smartwatch

Curved 2,08″ AMOLED Display

This is mainly due to the design. The Amazfit X adapts the look of the Nubia Alpha in a certain way, but looks much more filigree. The wearable manufacturer uses a curved 2,07″ AMOLED display, which is not square or round, but elongated. You bend the display at an angle of 92° over the imaginary arm without sacrificing the usual quality of the display panel. The pixel density of 326 ppi is remarkable.

Huami Amazfit X Display

In order to make this design possible, the glass was bent using temperatures of over 700°C. The glass was then bent to the desired shape. The glass is set in the metal case of the watch, so plastic is not used for the most part. However, the rest of the strap is made of silicone to ensure a pleasant wearing comfort. But not only the glass or the display had to be bent for this look. The battery also had to be adjusted. A curved lithium-ion battery is used for this purpose, which should guarantee a battery life of seven days.

Huami Amazfit X battery life

Otherwise, the manufacturer has not yet disclosed any information. After all, the Amazfit X is more a concept than a finished Smartwatch. However, it should be clear that a heart rate monitor is also integrated and that the range of functions is similar to the Huami Amazfit GTS, for example. However, the user interface has to be adapted to this unusual design.

Huami Amazfit X prototype
A first look at a prototype of the Amazfit X.


The Amazfit X certainly looks very interesting, but we are still a bit sceptical. What are the advantages of the design? The display of notifications in particular is therefore not optimal. With this design the watch also looks a bit more fragile. But so far it’s just a concept, even though the first prototypes were shown at the launch event. What do you expect from the Huami Amazfit X? Do you like the design?

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Comments (9)

  • Profile picture from Empty
    04.09.19 um 04:15


    -The watch looks cool with a design match for many persons. I wonder is it comes with a different color option aswell?

  • Profile picture from shaveer khan
    05.09.19 um 06:13

    shaveer khan

    What's the price and how to get this?

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      07.09.19 um 12:37

      Thorben CG team

      @shaveer khan: It is not available yet, we will have to be patient until 2020. Then it will be available in the typical shops, I guess.

  • Profile picture from IGOR MIHAIC
    05.09.19 um 16:53


    Look cool

  • Profile picture from Go Joe Gadget
    07.09.19 um 11:30

    Go Joe Gadget

    It looks awesome. Would like to know how much and when will it be available?

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      07.09.19 um 12:38

      Thorben CG team

      @Go Joe Gadget: The manufacturer says it will be released in 2020, so we don't have any specific information on that yet. I think it will be about $200, but that is hard to predict.

  • Profile picture from shewie1
    09.09.19 um 08:10


    Yes how much is this pls

  • Profile picture from devil
    16.10.19 um 12:54

    devil's advocate

    No cost? I'll take them all.

  • Profile picture from Catalin
    23.11.19 um 18:18


    I like the design, it's more "organic", but also Samsung Gear Fit 2 and 2 Pro have curved Amoled display, so what is so special with Amazfit X?
    GPS and minimum 4GB memory it is "must have", I quess.
    Seven days of battery life will be something… more over 2 days (Gear Fit 2 and 2 Pro).
    I'll wait the release date.

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