HUANUO Lap Desk: Home office in bed for $23.97

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In the home office it is particularly difficult for one or the other to get up, especially if the trip to the office takes only a few seconds. With the HUANUO lap desk, you can even reduce this time to pretty much zero and work directly in bed or on the sofa.

Huanuo Laptop Stand

The Lap Desk measures 37.6 x 30 cm, with a 17-inch laptop protruding a bit on the sides. At 870 grams, it weighs about as much as eight bananas or a cauliflower, if you can imagine that better now. The stand has a total of eight levels and can be adjusted in height by around 13.7cm. The difference between this and ordinary laptop stands is, of course, the cushion on the bottom, which is more comfortable and probably more non-slip.

Huanuo Laptop Cushion Design

The function of the Lap Desk is pretty self-explanatory, wherever there is no table to put a laptop on, the holder is quite handy. Be it on the road, on the couch, in bed or in some public work space with very strange designer chairs. Those who work with tablet or smartphone can also use the Lap Desk with it to avoid having to place the device by the water bottle or table lamp for a video conference.

Huanuo lap desk on couch

The HUANUO Laptop Cushion is convenient for traveling, but also useful in the home office when you want to get away from the desk, on the couch, or just stay in bed.

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