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Your monitor doesn’t have an adjustable stand and it takes up too much space? With the HUANUO monitor mounts you can upgrade your VESA compatible monitor with ergonomic features. There are models for single monitors, but also for two at once.

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HUANUO monitor holder with gas spring

HUANUO monitor holder with gas spring

If you move the monitor frequently, a monitor holder with a gas pressure spring could be worthwhile. This allows you to move the monitor flexibly and easily. This model supports a variety of adjustment options. Besides adjusting the height, you can tilt, rotate and swivel the monitor. Thanks to the supporting gas pressure spring, this works smoothly and without much effort.

Technical Data

Product nameHUANUO monitor mount with gas spring
Monitor size13-27 inch
Monitor weight2,0-6,5 kg
Table thickness2,0-9,5 cm
VESA75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm
FunctionsRotate, Tilt, Swivel


If you want to build up this monitor holder, there is almost everything in the package in terms of tools, only a common Phillips screwdriver you should still have there. To hang up, I can also recommend another person, that facilitates the whole thing a lot and you can not fall off the monitor so easily when attaching.

HUANUO monitor holder single base

First, attach the base of the holder to the table. This should be made of a solid material and should not exceed the maximum thickness of 9.5 cm. You have two options for this. One is to attach it to the edge of the table, and the other is to drill a hole in the tabletop. We have used the method without drilling, here you attach them with the help of a clamp. First you connect the clamp to the arm and tighten it. Then you can start attaching the monitor.

HUANUO monitor mount single table mount

The bracket is compatible with 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm screw holes. To mount the monitor, you have to hold it against the bracket and then screw in four screws. This is where the second person comes in handy, making it easier to set up.

HUANUO monitor mount single monitor attached

The monitor is already attached to the mount. Depending on the weight, you now need to adjust the gas spring, which is easy to do at the joint of the mount.

HUANUO monitor mount individually adjust gas spring

All in all, it doesn’t take long to set up the mount and the instructions make it easy to understand.


We attached a 27 inch monitor to the mount, which is the maximum size for the mount. The mount is very easy to move, rotate and tilt. If you compare the system with gas pressure spring to conventional, the difference is very noticeable. You have to use much less force and the mount can be brought very precisely different positions. This means it can be used flexibly and even rather unusual positions are possible.

Likewise, the mount sits firmly on the table with the large 27 inch monitor and does not give the impression that it is overloaded with it.

HUANUO monitor holder single Sort cables

To hide the cables neatly in the holder, there are two removable covers on the holder. You can remove them with a screw and then hide the cables there. However, if you connect several devices to the monitor, the space might get tight here. A power and HDMI cable already filled the available space well. So the setup then looks really tidy and you have no cables flying around on the table.

HUANUO monitor mount for two monitors

HUANUO monitor holder double two monitors side by side

Anyone who sits a lot at the computer will already know the advantage of multiple monitors. In order to be able to use them comfortably, it is worth taking a look at a monitor holder. This allows you to bring the monitors to the same height, but also to gain space under the monitors. Alternatively, the mount is also suitable for two people who sit opposite each other and want both monitor mounts.

Technical Data

Product nameHUANUO monitor mount with gas spring
Monitor size13-27 inch
Monitor weight8 kg each
Table thicknessup to 7.62 cm with clamp | up to 8.89 with hole
VESA75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm
Functionsrotate, tilt, swivel


Again, almost all the necessary tools are included, only a Philips screwdriver is still needed for setup. Compared to the mount with gas spring, the assembly here is also possible alone without problems. The screws are conveniently labeled with letters and indicated in the instructions. If you stick to it, no confusion of the screws can arise.

HUANUO monitor holder double scope of delivery

To attach the mount to the table, you can choose to clamp it to the edge of the table or drill a hole in the table. Depending on the method, you can use a 7.62 cm thick tabletop with the clamp and an 8.89 cm thick tabletop with the hole. Make sure to use a stable table, because the mount has to support even two monitors.

HUANUO monitor mount double table mount

Before you can attach the bracket, you have to screw the base together from two parts. Once you have done that, you also attach a kind of felt glider to the bottom, so as not to leave a mark on the table surface. Note that now, without tearing the felt glider, you can’t disassemble the mount, because the glider stretches over both parts. Then, if you ever want to take it apart and stow it away, you can just put another piece of felt or something similar underneath it next time.

HUANUO monitor holder double table protector

Now we can put the arm on the bracket and fix it via a screw thread on the back, depending on the desired height. To attach the monitors, holders are now placed on both monitors. These are compatible with 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm screw holes.

HUANUO monitor holder double installation plate

Once these have been attached, the monitors can now be placed on the arms of the bracket. This system is so much more convenient than holding them on and screwing them at the same time, and can also be set up by just one person. Before you finally secure the monitors with a screw cap, you can still adjust the height of the monitors here via a thread to get them to the same height.

HUANUO monitor holder double on the monitor

The time required here is somewhat higher, because you have to assemble more parts individually, but the attachment of the monitors is more comfortable.


In order to use the mount to its maximum capacity, we directly attached two 27 inch monitors to the mount. This then also bent forward a bit, which could be remedied by readjusting the clamp on the edge of the table. Adjusting the tilt is a bit of a hassle, as the locking mechanism is on the monitor arm and not as accessible, but if you don’t adjust it regularly, it shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, turning is quite easy and swiveling the arms is also smooth.

For cable routing, six fabric cable ties with Velcro are included here and you can fix the cables to the arms. This way, you can hide the cables behind the arms, so you don’t see them from the front and they don’t lie around on the table.

Overall conclusion

Both the monitor mount for one monitor with a gas spring and the mount for two monitors work without any problems in the test. Both have details in the setup that could be optimized, but these do not tarnish the overall impression. Those who have a monitor without ergonomic functions or simply want a tidy desk will do well with these two mounts.

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