Huawei ANC Earphones 3 for $51.69

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You want to switch from old headphones to ANC in-ears. But you still want to “oldschool” plug your headphones into your mobile phone? The Huawei ANC Earphones 3 can be the solution when it comes to sound and function. Check out our review to see if the Huawei ANC In-Ear meets these requirements.

Huawei ANC Earphones 3

Technical data

NameHuawei CM-Q3
Frequency range20Hz-20KHz
Inpedance32 Ohm
Cable length1.25 m
Weight20 g

Scope of delivery

The box contains the headphones plus accessories, all of which together have a total weight of 175 grams. There are a total of 3 different ear pad sizes. There are also earhooks in four sizes to make the in-ears fit even better. A small clip is also included to attach the cable to your t-shirt, sweater, etc. The manual is completely in Chinese, so the in-ears are not meant for the global market.

Huawei ANC Earphones 3 scope of delivery
The scope of delivery of the In-Ears includes ear pads, ear cup holder, a clip for the T-shirt etc. and a Chinese instruction manual.

Design and manufacturing of the Huawei ANC Earphones 3

The Huawei ANC Earphones 3 are simply black. They are made of aluminium. The cable is covered with rubber, which is normal for standard cable headphones. The headphones weigh 20 g, with a total cable length of 1.25 m, which is relatively light in comparison.

Huawei ANC Earphones 3 connected to mobile phone
The Huawei ANC Earphones 3 have a sufficiently long cable and with a total weight of 20 g they are lightweight.

There is nothing wrong with the processing of the Huawei ANC Earphones 3, they are well processed and do not have too large gaps. Also the pressure points of the control panel are good and after the test it is no different, so worse.

Huawei ANC Earphones 3 on the table
Small and sporty are the Huawei ANC Earphones 3.

Compared to the Xiaomi ANC In-Ears, however, they are worse positioned in terms of material. The Xiaomi ANC In-Ears are completely made of metal, which makes them look and feel better. The headphones from Huawei are in the front as far as the scope of delivery is concerned, they offer two more ear cushions. The Xiaomi headphones have a case including a protective bag.

Sound of the Huawei ANC Earphones 3

Huawei promises with a 13 mm driver with a “high performance diaphragm” that good highs, as well as natural midrange and deep bass fulfill the sound image.

The Huawei ANC Earphones 3 were able to confirm the specifications in the test. Overall, the sound is balanced and has a rich bass as well as nice clear trebles. Also the middle is very appealing and completes the sound, no matter which genre is heard, very harmonious.

In comparison, the Xiaomi ANC In-Ears are somewhat more empty in the overall sound. This is due to the not so concise bass. Unfortunately the in-ears can’t keep up with the Huawei ANC Earphones 3. In the tweeter and midrange range, however, they are roughly at the same level.

Finally, it can be said that the Huawei ANC Earphones 3 is more interesting for lovers of bass-oriented music, while the Xiaomi ANC In-Ear is a bit more muffled here, which doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.

Active Noise Cancelling – Does it really work?

Huawei advertises three ANC modes to make listening to music more enjoyable: Yes, the ANC works even at lower and (of course) higher volume levels. I’m not convinced by the three different modes. As you listen to music and turn on the ANC on the control panel, you notice a noticeable change in the way the outside noise is attenuated. But I don’t think the three modes, which indicate a different strength of the ANC, work.

The Xiaomi ANC In-Ears are just as good as the Huawei headphones when it comes to general attenuation. The only advantage of the Xiaomi headphones is that they have ANC, which they also fulfill, and not three different modes that you can’t tell apart.

Huawei ANC Earphones 3 fits well in one ear
The Huawei ANC Earphones 3 significantly attenuate the outside noise, resulting in a pleasant music experience.

ANC drains the Smartphone battery

The ANC must of course be powered by electricity. Here the battery of the mobile phone serves as power source. We have tested for you whether the use of the ANC has a massive effect on the battery while listening to music.

With ANC:

  • Start: 100%.
  • after one hour: 95%

Without ANC:

  • Start: 100
  • after one hour: 96%

As the results show, the ANC does not massively affect battery performance. You can rest assured that the ANC is not a “battery guzzler” and that you can listen to music with your headphones with complete peace of mind.

Wearing comfort

The wearing comfort of the Huawei ANC Earphones 3 is very good. You never have the feeling that you might lose a headphone. This is due to the many different ear cushions and holders for the auricle. You can use them the way you really need them. Since the ears are not 100% the same, it makes the most sense to really try out all the possibilities so that you can find the right setting for your particular ear.

Using the Huawei ANC Earphones 3

The operation of the Huawei ANC Earphones 3 is identical to that of any cable headphones with a control panel, with the exception of the ANC’s mode changes. The control panel is made of plastic and has four buttons. These buttons are used to turn the music up and down, as well as to pause and play it back. In addition, there is an ANC button to switch Active Noise Cancelling on and off.

Huawei ANC Earphones 3 Logo
The logo on the control panel of the Huawei ANC Earphones 3 should not be missing.

Function of the buttons

side buttonswitch ANC on/off
top buttonlouder
middle buttonPlay/Pause
lower buttonquieter
upper and lower button simultaneouslychange ANC modes
Control panel of the Huawei ANC Earphones 3
Like other headphones, the Huawei ANC Earphones 3 allow you to control volume and pause from the control panel.
Huawei ANC Earphones 3 Green LED on the control panel for activating the ANC
When the green LED is on, the ANC is activated. If it is off, the ANC is also off.

Huawei ANC Earphones 3 Headset

The headset is at mouth level on the right side. When you make a call in a room, the person on the other side of the line clearly understands me. But the test also proved that the headset can hardly be used outdoors in windy conditions. The other person notices that I’m talking, but doesn’t understand me because of the noise from the wind.

I, on the other hand, can understand the other person just as well with the ANC function as in a closed room.


The Huawei ANC Earphones 3 have lived up to the manufacturer’s statements. The ANC works, apart from the three different modes.

In comparison with the Xiaomi ANC In-Ears, the Huawei ANC Earphones 3 convinced. The headphones have a similarly balanced sound, with the difference that they have a slightly stronger bass. Even if, in my opinion, they don’t look as good as the Xiaomi in-ears, they have an improved sound.

The price for the Huawei ANC Earphones 3 is fine for the performance and no reason not to buy these in-ear headphones.

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