Huawei & Jimmy launch 1S battery vacuum cleaner in China

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Honestly, our first reaction in the editorial office (or in the chat) was: “What kind of combination is that, please?”. Smartphone giant Huawei launches an acoustic vacuum cleaner with household manufacturer Jimmy from Xiaomi’s ecosystem. Sounds almost like a fake, but it is reality. We took a close look at the “1S”.

Huawei Jimmy 1S battery vacuum cleaner

Huawei Jimmy 1S: Sounds strange, but it’s so

Xiaomi has a few subsidiaries, each of which releases battery vacuum cleaners under their own brand umbrella. Roidmi is the premium brand with the most expensive and highest-quality models, Dreame is the upper-middle class, so to speak, and Jimmy – well, is actually the low-budget brand of the Chinese tech giant. In terms of workmanship and material quality, Jimmy is ranked behind the other subsidiaries, including Mijia. Perhaps this will change now that Huawei apparently has Jimmy produce for its own ecosystem.

Huawei Jimmy 1S battery vacuum cleaner variations
The 1S is probably available in two colors.

The soft roller on the floor nozzle is the typical Xiaomi design, which is very good for hard floors but less suitable for carpets. What I find worrying is the main element with attached dust chamber and handle. This is very reminiscent of the Jimmy models JV63 and JV65. Here, we complained in the test that the controls on the upper side were placed strangely and thus the operation took some getting used to. This also seems to be the case with the 1S.

Jimmy JV65 battery vacuum cleaner handling grip
The buttons were already unusually placed on the Jimmy JV65.

The app compatibility with Huawei HiLink (Android, iOS) might be considered exciting by some, but it is completely pointless for a battery vacuum cleaner. Huawei could have easily saved the extra money for the app integration. Nowadays, there are displays or LED lights for reading information like the battery status or possible error messages.

Good specs, but no top rates

The 3000 mAh battery offers a working time of 60 min on the lowest suction level, and a working time of 12 min on the highest level with the maximum suction power of 20,000 pa. These are quite solid to very good values. The Dyson V11 Absolute has about the same working time, but also a higher suction power of 24,000 pa. The Roborock H6 remains the front-runner with 90 min. working time and also 24,000 pa suction power.

Huawei Jimmy 1S battery vacuum cleaner suction power
20,000 pa suction power is very good, but not a top value.

The weight of 1.25 kg as a handheld vacuum cleaner is impressive. However, you have to try out in practice whether the vacuum is not even too light when completely removed. Otherwise, the floor nozzle tends to lift off during vacuuming. However, there is no information about the weight of the completely removed vacuum cleaner including tube and floor nozzle yet.

Huawei Jimmy 1S battery vacuum cleaner main element
Low weight is good for now, but there is also “too light”.

The motor of the Huawei Jimmy 1S (I continue to wonder about this cooperation while typing the product name) operates at 100,000 rpm, which is the current industry standard. A five-stage filtration is performed with suction of dirt and grime. In addition, as is known from almost all models, various attachments are included. For example, a dust mite attachment, with which house dust allergy sufferers can pull dust mites out of textiles like pillows or the sofa.

Huawei Jimmy 1S battery vacuum cleaner mite attachment
A mite attachment is included, among other things.

Assessment and outlook

At a price of 1299 yuan, which is the equivalent of ~$199, the Huawei-Jimmy cooperation product goes on sale. A very good price for what is offered, but the price will be considerably more here, as usual. We expect a launch price of $250, which puts the Huawei Jimmy 1S in the same price range as vacuum cleaners like the Roborock H6 or Roidmi NEX.

I think I can already tell from the doctored product pictures that Huawei only brings its brand name into play here, but most of it is very “Jimmy-like”. Huawei increases its own product variety by letting Jimmy build a battery-sucking device, on which Huawei later sticks the logo. Of course, we still have to wait for first field reports, but based on the pictures and technical data, the Huawei Jimmy 1S is a modified Jimmy JV65 with Huawei involvement in my opinion.

Are you as surprised by this collaboration as we are?

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