OPPLE LED Candle with blow sensor for $17.97

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During the beautiful, warm season you also need beautiful decoration? But buy new tea lights every time? With wax that you can never really get out of something? This is no longer necessary with the Opple LED candle. You can find out in the test whether this is really so good.

Opple LED candle

Why “Huawei”?

At GearVita the candle is called “Huawei Opple LED Candle Light”, which made us wonder. But a short Google search shows how this name comes about. Huawei and the Chinese company Opple, which produces lighting products, recently announced a cooperation in the Smarthome sector. At GearVita it becomes “Huawei Opple”. Actually this LED light has nothing to do with Huawei but is produced and sold by Opple according to our information.

Scope of delivery of the Opple LED candle

The gadget comes in a 9.0 x 10.0 x 9.0 cm box and weighs 182 g. The box contains a microUSB cable (without adapter), a Chinese manual and of course the candle itself. Very clear, but that’s all it takes.

Opple LED candle scope of delivery
The clearly arranged scope of delivery

Processing and Design

The Opple LED candle is made of plastic, which makes it very light. The base is white. The “glass” of the candle has a frosted glass optic, which makes the light appear calmer and relaxing. The general appearance of the Opple LED candle resembles a wine glass.

The gap dimensions are all the same. Nothing wobbles or rattles. The buttons are well made and can be used sensibly. Also the microUSB connection is good. The cable is stuck in the slot, but can easily be loosened again. The LED candle has a nice, warm and quiet light. The LEDs of the battery indicator also work perfectly and do their job.

Opple LED candle and its operation

The Opple LED candle has a button for switching on and off. But the LED is not switched on yet! There is a button to switch through the three different light levels on the ground and last but not least a microphone next to the LED to “light” and blow out the LED candle.

After switching on the candle, you have to blow into the microphone or say something (in a louder tone). So the LED starts to “burn”. With the button at the bottom of the candle you can adjust the three different light levels to get the desired light. One press is enough.

Opple LED candle Button underside
Underside of the Opple LED candle. Power switch and button to change the light levels. Also with an anti-slip ring.
Opple LED candle microphone
The microphone next to the LED. You “light” the candle by blowing into the microphone.

Light quality of the Opple LED candle

As already written before, there are three different light levels to choose from. The fact that it is just a single LED is no problem in my eyes: The Opple LED candle serves as decoration for warm summer evenings or the dining table and therefore does not have to illuminate a room.

Opple LED candle light levels
The three different light levels (low, medium, high) in a dark room.

The charging time of the Opple LED candle is two hours. After two hours of use, the candle still has three out of four LEDs on that indicate the battery level. This is because the battery lasts six hours. If you really get to the six hours, one of the indicator LEDs will blink when the battery is empty. I.e. quickly to the charging cable with it.

Opple LED candle leds and microUSB
The battery indicator consists of four blue LEDs. When the battery is empty, an LED flashes to indicate that the battery needs to be charged. Below this is the microUSB connector, which is used for charging.

Conclusion of the Opple LED candle

The Opple LED candle is a good decorative item, with which you can decorate your terrace, balcony or windowsill in the upcoming summer time. No more wax residues; you don’t have to drive around because you don’t have tea lights.

The price is a little too high for my feeling, but due to the good workmanship it is still ok. No too big gap dimensions, no button wobbles, the microUSB connection is not loose. In general I like the design because it is timeless and you can always use it.

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